It looks like I might actually get my new video card today, which is amazing, since I ordered it yesterday morning. I didnít realize that the place I ordered it from was in NJ.

How is it that I when I finally pry myself away from my computer and start interacting with the living, I end up meeting the geekiest guy in Philadelphia?

Now that itís cold, Iíve been spending more time with my computer. I got a 300 gb drive last week, which I didnít install until Saturday. Technically, itís still not fully installed, yet, because I can be really lazy when it comes to things like that. Itís weird, but most people who build their own computers are panting to get new hardware in. For me, thereís little thrill in it. Itís more just a matter of practicality. Computer pieces are a lot cheaper than whole computers.

The cold makes it so much easier for me to stay indoors and actually work on those things.

Itís funny because my case is still sitting open. Part of the reason that Iím leaving it open is that I have multi-colored LEDs in my case fans. Multi-colored LEDs that I donít see unless the case is open while the computer is on.

The only other option would be a plexiglass case. I think of building a plexiglass case as being similar to putting a gigantic spoiler on your car as an after market part. Itís completely unnecessary and ridiculous looking.

Oh, the other part of the reason Iím leaving it open is because after moving some stuff from my 40gb to the 300gb, I have to take it out and put my 15gb in, and move stuff from that. Thereís only enough room for two hard drives at a time in my computer. I guess I should at least not leave it on the floor with the cats walking all over it.

Iím not really a geek.

I studied art, you know.

One thing I donít understand. If other people donít spend their time doing the things that I spend my time doing, what is it that theyíre doing? I understand that most people have a family, but how much time can a family take?

Tonight, Iím going to another drawing studio session. The practice will be good, and hopefully inspire me to do a little more drawing. This is my problem. I alternate between reading, writing, drawing, karate, yoga, (diving in the summer) and playing with my computer, so I never get anything done. Thank God I canít play my guitar until itís restrung.

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Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006 at 10:41 AM