I took zicam all weekend, and it seems to have helped. I think Id be totally better except having gone out to a dance club on Saturday night. This morning, I feel like total crap, honestly.

It was nice to be out with friends, but I didnt like the music. I also hate aggressive men.

I understand that a dance club is not like a normal every day environment, but I dont get how that makes it ok to touch a total stranger without any introduction. When I saw how some men were grabbing women on the floor, my immediate reaction to my friend was, If a guy grabs me like that, Im knocking him down. I meant it, too.

So, every guy that came near me totally got the evil eye. The place was filled with savages.

I could have used some extra sleep last night, but I went to meditation in the evening. Beforehand, I talked with Anthony. The power has been out in his apartment for over a week. Also his heat is electric. So, hes without heat. He lives in NJ. Its not exactly warm there right now.

Anyway, hes a lawyer, he knows his landlord has broken the law and hes taking action, but meanwhile, hes still without heat. That really bothered me. Granted, Im a more sensitive to cold than most other people, but the idea of being without heat in December just seems appalling to me.

I also heard from another friend before meditation who told me that hed been really sick all weekend. It sounded just miserable.

It sounds silly this morning, but the combination of those two bits of news nearly had me in tears. Maybe it has something to do with being a bit sick, but I was feeling very reactive before meditation.

Right now, I feel like my head is filled with cotton. Am I even making any sense? Sheesh.

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Monday, Dec. 04, 2006 at 10:12 AM