This week, Iíve been meditating like Iím training for a meditation marathon. Itís been bringing up all sorts of crazy stuff, and I wasnít sure Iíd ever settle down to a more peaceful state.

My brain hasnít completely organized itself into a perfect state of peace yet, but I am starting to get glimpses out of delusion and into reality here and there.

Over the past few days itís been necessary for me to constantly remind myself to not let fear rule my life. I hadnít realized how many fears I had, and how that was causing unnecessary anxiety or avoidance. I recognize them in my normal waking life, but without examination, I mistake them for rational fears.

Some of them are, sure, but by letting the fear rule my life, Iím subtracting from the overall quality of my life. Itís silly.

Despite having this compulsion, I refuse to do it, anymore.

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Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007 at 4:06 PM