This is the second entry of the day. Iíve got back to back entries, here.

Iím having the weirdest karma, lately. I know a lot of Buddhists who completely discount karma as nothing but superstition. Sometimes Iím one of them, but it really depends on how you interpret it. Oh, and Iím predicting that causality is going to rear itís head in a minute and Iím going to get really, really sick.

This morning, on my way to work, I hit a bird. I only know I hit a bird because I felt the thump and saw the burst of feathers fly everywhere. It shook me up a bit, but since I never even saw the bird, there was no way I could have avoided it.

Then at lunch I went to the deli that I visit daily and bought a salad and a slice of quiche. These people never put meat in their quiche, except for today. I took one bite. The overly salty, fatty ickiness was immediately evident and I threw the rest out. Almost no meat in 12 years, and if previous experience with accidental meat ingestion has taught us anything, Iím going to have a hard time keeping the rest of my lunch in my stomach today. Iím nauseous as I type this, actually.

I know that certain herbal teas are supposed to help with nausea, but I have no idea which kinds.

Ok, itís my intent to finish this entry if it kills me. My stomach feels like itís about to crawl up my esophagus and strangle me for being so careless.

Anyway, yesterday, one of my favorite coworkers gave his resignation. His teammate and one of my friends suggested that I apply for the job. Iím not sure it would be a move up, but itíd be something new and Iím bored with what I do here. The only thing is that the boss is mean and I currently have the nicest boss ever.

I would be thinking about it a bit more seriously right this minute, if I wasnít afraid that if while asking about it, I might vomit on the guy. Thatís probably not the best way to present oneself, especially if heís mean.

Ok, itís my intent to finish this entry without mentioning nausea, again.

Other interesting things have been going work-wise. Not within my job, but just with other stuff. Iím thinking of doing more freelance and side-work. That way, I can branch out and learn more and in the meantime, make a little extra cash.

I just have to finish my ceiling, reinstall that laptop, finish illustrating that book (itís taking awhile), keep up with karate, get in a little diving and hiking over the summer, and continue to show up at work on time and alert. Yes, I can do that.

I wanted to write more, but this entry needs to be cut short. There may be a third entry of the day.

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Thursday, Apr. 05, 2007 at 2:30 PM