Iím feeling extremely restless and unfocused. Iíve been painting my living room ceiling. I didnít realize how big it is or how long it would take me. My dad was supposed to help last week, but instead he decided to drive me to near insanity.

He wanted me to get him started on a computer. So, he bought a laptop, two, actually, one for each of us. Donít worry, despite the fact that heís technically homeless, he makes plenty of money and squirrels most of it away.

I guess he got caught up in this dream where the two of us, with our identical laptops could hang out together or something. That dream came crashing down when I took to mine like a fish to water and he stared at his like it was a gelatinous blob that just landed on the table in front of him, from outer-space.

I havenít been able to do much with it since Iíve been busy with my ceiling and all of my living room furniture is piled in the middle of the room with a large tarp over it. Itís true that it is a laptop that can go anywhere. To tell you the truth, Iíve been doing the worst thing imaginable and spodding from bed. Anyway, I want to get Vista off of it and reinstall the whole thing, and I could do that easier once my desk is back in place.

In the future, when they work the bugs out, I might be able to do something with Vista, but for right now, itís completely useless to me. Itís ok for a user like my dad, who has never seen nor touched a computer before in his life. Well, perhaps not that ok. Iíd rather seen him on something thatís been tested a little better, like XP. I donít know what heís going to do about that patch that was released. Iím sure he has no clue what thatís all about.

If I were a responsible daughter (and maybe a daughter that wasnít screwed over and busy fixing her ceiling on her own), Iíd call him and walk him through the patching process. However, the day-long walking-through process when he got the thing was exhausting and wore on my nerves. Over the phone, itíd be terrible.

I wish summer would hurry up and just get here, already. I need to buy a new dive computer. Itíd be nice if I could buy a new camera, too, since mine has just about had it. I want one that I can dive with, too.

Iíd prefer the camera, but the dive computer is more of a necessity. If I plan to dive with mixed air; I need the updated algorithms, so I could like, you know, not die. I can do the math, but Iím too prone to incorrect calculations.

Often, Iíve said the words, ďI canít do arithmetic to save my life.Ē I donít want to prove myself right.

Also, I might need a new 7MM wetsuit because Dylan decided to chew up the legs on the one I have. Iím sure he didnít chew all the way through, but Iím not sure how Iíd explain the bite marks. Piranha?

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Thursday, Apr. 05, 2007 at 12:48 PM