Last night, I was in a foul mood after getting kicked in the head at karate. Karate is so much fun, until that happens. Other than a slight headache, I was fine, though; just not happy about it.

I applied for another job this week. Itís within my own department, and Iím horrendously under-qualified. But, I basically said, I know Iím horrendously under-qualified, but Iím bored out of my mind with what Iím doing now, and Iíll do whatever it takes to learn whatever I need to know.

Of course, what I need to know includes a statistics course, blah. I claimed to not have had any exposure to statistics, because I didnít want to say that my only exposure to statistics is from counting cards. Thereís also the programming side, for which, I also didnít want to say most of my exposure to programming is hacking. All of my activities are perfectly legal, of course.

I asked my friend, who has a masters in PR, and she said, ďWell, ok, just donít use the word Ďhack.íĒ Thatís probably good advice. Even though the word has been terribly bastardized and then forgotten. In this day and age, itís still probably a bad idea.

Iíve also started work on a blog. Well, itís more that a friend of mine started a blog and asked me to be an editor. Iíve written a few entries this week.

Itís for anyone who might be interested in my organized religion and in the most talked about virtual world of today. Well, itís out there. I hope itíll be interesting to someone. If anyone has the slightest bit of interest in checking it out, leave me a note or email me or something and Iíll email it to you.

Iím still working on my ceiling. This will be the third weekend in a row. I canít get the paint even. Normally, Iím not terrible at this sort of thing. I did study art, you know.

Well, ok, I pretty much blew it off last weekend. I went to NYC Friday night. We hung out in soho, went to see a band around midnight. When I got back to my friendís apartment around 2, I decided that his futon was a better choice than the NJ turnpike.

The next day, I missed karate, and only spent an hour or two painting. Sunday, I completely blew it off in favor of shopping, cleaning, yoga, meditation.

Above mentioned friend has finally gotten himself a girlfriend, which is something new and different. Heís always been one of those perpetually single friends. Normally, when he has a date, he comes back and tells me every detail. Which is what he did with this girl, and continued to do until I said, ďok, when you go out with a stranger, itís normal to come home and tell your friends everything you did with them, but once that person starts becoming part of your life, to run home and tell your friends every detail starts kind of creepy.Ē Anyway, I know this from personal experience, and so does he. Except it was the other way around.

Now he just tells me when they go out and the intended activity. Good enough for me.

Lately, Iíve felt like Iíve been muddling through three feet of sludge to get things done. I think that maybe I need a vacation. Considering how much sleep Iíve been needing, lately, I must be sleep deprived.

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Friday, Apr. 13, 2007 at 10:45 AM