You can put down the rope and the stun gun, Iím feeling better now.

I was up working until 1AM the past two nights in a row. Since the business partner has no graphic arts abilities, nor technical abilities (at least, none that would help me), Iím kind of stuck doing all of that stuff.

Other than being saddled with way more graphic design work than Iíd like, Iím fine that that, actually. It gives me control over the things that are important to me. I donít really care what the logo looks like, the design of the website or even what the company is called.

All I really care about are the configurations on my web server and the functionality of my products.

I made a bunch of logos, and I let her tell me what she likes. I donít really have a final final logo right now, but the overall concept is set enough where I donít have to worry about it, anymore.

This isnít meant as a complaint. Iím very relieved that I can have control over whatís important to me because the other person knows nothing about it. In the meantime, I can leave her with all the financial, administration, talking to people stuff, that I donít want to deal with. Stuff that she seems to be happy to do, orÖ well, if sheís not, weíre going to have a problem.

Sheís a little bit scared of me, but she seems like a generally timid person. I hope this business arrangement will break her of that.

This isnít the same person who is terrified of me, that I mentioned awhile ago. Thatís someone else entirely, and thatís really stupid because fear of a young woman is not something a 50+ woman should indulge in.

The business partner is younger than me and less experienced. She just hasnít been out in life yet, so understandably is just a little bit scared.

I think the lack of sleep is finally starting to hit me.

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Wednesday, Jun. 06, 2007 at 3:31 PM