Last week, we got a couple of interns. It's so weird having kids in the office. I mean, college-age people.

I had no idea how old I had gotten.

Yesterday, I spoke to the boy, he was so confused and frightened, even.

So, this morning, I'm in the kitchen and I hear behind me, "Amy, How are you doing?" In such that way that sounds too friendly for someone you don't know all that well. Even Chris(tian)1 doesn't say, "Amy" like that when he greets me.

Thinking it must be someone I know, I turn around, it's the intern. I'm so shocked by how smooth and fresh his face is. How AWAKE he looks and how energetic.

We chat a bit and he's a little bit too attentive (too much enthusiam for an office job, really). I wonder if this boy is actually hitting on me. I know, I flatter myself too much, but wouldn't that be funny?

Maybe this is the new generation, where boys greet girls in a familiar tone. And I'm the old lady going, "What is with that greeting, Sonny? Are you hitting on me?"

It's a funny thought. He's just SO happy to be among the grownups, doing grownup things. Within the month, he'll realize that there's nothing special about doing grownup things. This is why we're so cranky.

I thought I looked young. Young people have that round-faced chubby-cheeked look. Even the thin ones.

Ten years ago, five years ago, even, I had that, but now my face is thin. My eyebrows have thinned out. Thinner eyebrows make you look older.

Maybe I need to drink more water and start using an eyebrow pencil.

1Chris(tian) being my current best-male-friend. We spend an obscene amount of time hanging out together in the office. I'm surprised we haven't gotten in trouble, yet.

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Thursday, Jun. 07, 2007 at 10:08 AM