Iím already looking forward to going back to the chiropractor. So, this is what itís like to get old? I imagine itís only down hill from here?

I visited the sangha this morning and then went to the bookstore afterwards. I wanted to pick up the latest Tricycle, since thereís an article in there about ego that sounds interesting.

Since I canít walk into a bookstore without losing way more time and money that I originally anticipated going in, I ended up looking at some historical photo books. I picked up one about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and while I was paging through, the coffee shop girl gave me a free sample of some cold coffee frothy raspberry drink thing. I think it was probably more cream and sugar than coffee.

I usually donít drink coffee unless it is more cream and sugar than coffee, and only in small doses. I donít like to do the cheerleader on crack thing if I donít have to.

Because I had the book, the magazine, the drink, and my purse, rather than balance it all in the middle of a major walkway, I went around the corner into the bargain book section and sat down on the floor. Perhaps some of you are gasping in horror right now, but at the time, I honestly didnít think there was anything wrong with this.

It was in a section that wasnít getting any traffic, and a quick glance at the books around me indicated that it wasnít likely to get very much traffic. Besides, I figure people can ask me to move, right? Iíd do so happily and politely, with lots of cute smiles to make it worth their while.

The book was a lot longer and a lot more absorbing than I had predicted, and I ended up sitting there longer than planned, sipping my thimble of coffee.

From the next aisle, I hear this old lady voice yelling, ďWhy SIT in the MIDDLE of a BOOKSTORE to READ?! Itís a bookSTORE!Ē Iím guessing the emphasis on store was meant to imply that youíre supposed to get your books and then get out. So, now Iím really confused about all of the tables and chairs and coffee shop in there.

I heard a voice reply, but since it was at a reasonable volume, I couldnít hear the words.

And I thought, ďHuh? What? Someone has a problem with this?Ē As I said before, almost nothing offends me, so I was more feeling compassionate for the womanís companion than anything. This poor person was being yelled at for something I did.

I completely donít understand it.

It doesnít make any sense to me that if you want something from someone that youíll tell someone else. I guess the desire is that Iíll overhear, and become terrified and slink off?

It seems like sheíd have a much higher success rate telling me to my face, knowing for sure that Iíll hear it, and since sheís addressing me, Iíd be forced to respond in some way or another.

I am truly confused as to why there is such a disconnect between people in this society. Is there so much general fear and resentment between people that this is how we react when a stranger creates a minor inconvenience? Are we in such a hurry that the 10 seconds to tell me to move is just too much?

Iím an athlete! I can get off the floor fast, I promise!

Anyway, the woman did get her retribution, but she never knew. My legs fell asleep sitting there cross-legged too long, and I did have trouble getting up.

I went to see Sicko Friday, after work. The one quote that I really like from the movie is from an ex-member of the British parliament. It was something like, ďIf you can find the money to kill people, then you can find the money to help people.Ē

It made me start to wonder if our healthcare system promotes lack of compassion. In the US, there is no place where you can go and be safe, not even temporarily.

You canít even get sick without it becoming a sink or swim situation. All of these healthcare workers who deny service or charge you enormous sums of money that will put you in debt forever canít have compassion for their patients. After all, as soon as they start feeling compassionate, how will they go to work every day and still live with themselves?

If a health care worker canít even feel compassionate towards the common man, how is the rest of society supposed to feel it?

Iíd love to start of revolution of people having good will towards each other.

After looking at pictures of Jackie O, and reading captions, I picked up the Audrey Hepburn book, and then did the normal human thing; I got a cup of tea and sat at a table.

I had a really nice time with those books. Itís nice to romanticize a bit, to imagine there was a time and place where people were not only good to each other, but they were beautiful and wore designer clothes, too.

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