Iíve been told that the editor lady that almost gives me a stroke every time I receive an email from her, is no longer working on our publications. Along with this news, I was also told that I would be replacing her.

This is not instead of my current job. Itís in addition to it. I know, I know, you read my diary. Youíre wondering what kind of crazy company would put me in charge of editing publications. Not to mention that I am someone who is supposedly in a technical position.

I donít work for a crazy company; I work for a really cheap company. Among those in my department, I guess Iíve been designated as the one person who can put together something that resembles a sentence.

I can, I can, I really can. Art history is considered a writing degree. Itís a degree in a very specific kind of writing, which translates well into researching and organizing the crap information we publish. Not that having a degree in something automatically makes a person good at it. As a matter of fact, I will readily admit that Iím not good at it.

However, I know how to make it good, despite not being good at it.

Editing this publication is more than just correcting grammar and formatting. These things are written by people in technical positions, who donít want to waste their time on publications. They put as little work into it as possible. The editor was in charge of translating the mess into something readable, organizing it, and then correcting grammar and formatting.

Our previous editor lady had some kind of ego problem, causing her to believe that she could get away with just about anything, including making my reports worse.

When I was having a cow a few weeks ago, it was because I caught her plagiarizing and putting it in my report. She had submitted it for my approval. I refused to approve it and pointed it out to her. She ignored me. A few weeks later, she resubmitted the report, with the plagiarism still in it. I did some research and discovered that not only was it plagiarism, but it was also copyright infringement.

This time, I didnít bother having a cow. I put my discoveries in an email and sent it back to her. I CCíd a few people, including our VP.

The next thing I know, Iím in charge of this ladyís work.

I would have rather they just hired a new editor-person who would actually do the work right, but my company is too cheap for that.

I was introduced to the graphic designer this morning, so we could work together in making the layout and cover art. Thatís where I am now.

I have mixed feelings about it. Two years ago, I would have been ecstatic, but now, Iím feeling cynical and disgruntled about my job. How valuable is it to me to have professional experience in writing and editing?

Iím not sure. Long ago, I used to write a little art history column for a website. That lasted about a year. I never thought it was any big deal, but other people thought it was a big deal.

It was one of the few times that my now ex, then husband, admitted that he was jealous. Although, not a good thing, I give him credit for admitting to it.

I think that people often donít realize that there is plenty of room for all people to pursue their desires and goals. Thereís no need for jealousy or competition. There is a need for quality work, though.

I just donít know if this is a goal of mine.

Iíve been reading A Confederacy of Dunces, lately, and I think it might be depressing me. I really should bother less with literacy and just do my websites. I donít know if I am legitimately burned out or if Iím just being a whiny procrastinator.

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Friday, Aug. 03, 2007 at 11:52 AM