I was in the park today when this happened. Iím not hurt or traumatized in any way. As a matter of fact, when I heard the crash, I was around the corner of a building, on my way to pick up some tea and I mistook the sound as a garbage truck being unnecessarily rough with a large trash bin.

I didnít even realize anything out of the ordinary had happened until after the fire trucks showed up. Obviously, thereís something seriously wrong with my powers of observation. Although, I did observe that most of the bystanders assumed that the driver was a woman (it was a man).

I rarely go hang out in my own city. I spend more leisure time in new york than here. Not that I have a ton of leisure time on my hands, but it was a beautiful day and I felt like doing nothing more than sitting and reading. Why stay here when I can be out among the living?

I brought out my laptop and played around with it in the coffee shop a little bit and then went into the park to read for awhile.

The tragedy aside, I enjoyed it.

Iíll back track a little bit. Friday night, I went up to new york to practice some of that leisure time mentioned above.

I went to a couple of gigs. It was the usual lovely time. We were out late, so I stayed over at Tonyís condo. Saturday was so gorgeous that I wished more than anything that I had a friend to meet at a nice outdoor cafť somewhere in Manhattan to people watch and chat. Tony was on his way to his parentís house and besides, far too busy to devote that much time to the likes of me.

So, I came back here. When the turnpike slowed down, I got off and decided to find my own way. I am getting more confident in that state. Of course, it was broad daylight, which makes a difference. There have been times when I swore Iíd never leave the turnpike, especially after reading Weird NJ. Not that I believe the content, but you really have to wonder about a population that would make that kind of stuff up.

I had a nice little drive and found my way back fairly easily.

In new york, while entering a club I frequently visit, the bouncer took my drivers license, looked at it, looked at me, scanned it, looked closer at it, and then back at me and as he was handing it back he said, ďThis picture donít do you justice.Ē

This is the first time that bouncer has seen my new picture. And, I always thought PA drivers license pictures were especially forgiving. I hope this doesnít mean Iíll start getting stopped for speeding. I have a theory that cops donít stop me because they can see my DL picture by running my plates. It may be completely silly, but not any sillier than the theory that it is related to my astrological sign.

The last time I was stopped, I was blasting through mountain towns in upstate new york, doing close to 100. The man let me go. No, I didnít cry. It is truly a mystery to me because at that speed, anyone should have been ticketed. This was about three years ago. I try and keep it reasonable these days. When I get up close to 80, I wonder how I managed to drive so fast all the time without killing myself.

Yesterday, I had a long and pleasant hike with the hiking club. Iíve been chatting with a nice man in my group who claims to be born and raised in NJ but doesnít look or sound anything like a typical person from NJ. Actually, he kinda looks like Neil, but never mind that.

Maybe he was home schooled or something. I like to ask him about his mystery-wife. I call her that because he often refers to her, but Iíve never seen any evidence of her existence.

Not that I truly doubt it, but I did feel a slight tinge of ďsomebody married you?!Ē when he first mentioned her. This woman has got to be the biggest geek in the world and someone who could possibly be my very best friend ever. Too bad she hates the outdoors (which explains why I have never seen her with my hiking club.)

Iíve got a possible php gig, but itís for the kind of place that I wonít ever admit Iíve ever done a site for. I think theyíll probably pay a lot, though.

Iím feeling a bit tense and irritated this evening. Unfortunately, I skipped meditation last night because after my hike, I was exhausted and I felt gross and icky and I wouldnít have had time to go home and shower between the two.

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Monday, Sept. 03, 2007 at 6:52 PM