Iím quite happy.

Iím looking forward to the colder weather only because that may mean that my schedule will become more manageable.

The retreat was helpful. It was supposed to be silent, but we cheated a little on Saturday afternoon. We were standing outside and hopefully not disturbing anyone. The retreat ended after lunch on Sunday. There are some nice trails near the retreat center, so we hiked until sunset.

I spent that evening sitting on his lap because he somehow, magically does not find it uncomfortable to have me on his lap for five hours at a time.

I guess I feel obligated to update even though Iím scared to say anything too specific. Itís so much easier to say things out loud when you donít feel like you have anything to lose.

Our relationship has the general overtones of attempting to not fall in love too fast. At least, thatís my perspective, and thatís how Iíve identified any waver in his voice.

The stress hasnít been bad. Iím surprised at how well Iím adjusting to the change.

Iíd been mentally preparing myself for a little while. My insanity/psychic ability had been telling me about this. Of course, never really sure what to do about the voice in my head, I usually keep my head down and stare at it out of the corner of my eye.

Iím not a big fan of being insane, but I do believe that is the reason Iím not completely freaking out right now. Whether or not I was correct or just weird, thatís what it was.

Another reason Iím not totally freaking out is because that same voice is happy right now. No warnings of impending doom.

Of course, that doesnít mean there is no impending doom, but if there is, at least I donít have to know about it ahead of time, which is usually the worst part of impending doom.

So, Iím quite happy.

When I think about it objectively, itís very surprising, especially since it was so quick. The nice thing about a quick starting relationship is that the time youíve been together doubles fairly often.

Heís not a geek and heís American; two firsts for me.

Heís from NYC, and his sister is there, and weíve made tentative plans to go up, partly so I can meet his sister and he can meet Tony; one of my best friends.

I donít know when that will happen, but that sounds so nice, doesnít it?

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Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007 at 4:47 PM