Life has been nonstop for me, lately. Itís also been weird.

There was a lot of melodrama at work, which has resulted in several resignations, including my own.

Iím expecting my new job to have a big improvement in morale. Several of us were relocated to a place where we donít want to be. Itís been very dreary here over the past four months or so.

Politically speaking, things went from bad to worse. I learned why pawns can sometimes be very powerful pieces, even in real life. I also learned that my field is very cliquey in this region, and itís my good fortune that the right people like me.

In the future, I may be less paranoid about work people stalking me online.

I am incredibly lucky.

I havenít had as much time to meditate as Iíd like.

Tuesday, I took my car to the shop because it was making an awful noise. They decided to keep my car until Thursday and charge me an uncomfortable sum of money for it.

Tuesday night, I was upset that Iíd be missing karate for lack of transportation. I complained to Adam and because I have the awesomest boyfriend in the world, he brought me rock-climbing with his friends instead.

Wednesday night, I was told that my car was finished early. I just barely had enough time to grab it and run over to karate. Then I went over to the outdoorís store to get gear for backpacking this weekend.

I know that the last two times I went backpacking in the winter, I claimed I was never backpacking in the winter again. I am nervous about the cold, but Iíve picked up a lot of winter camping gear. It should be fun.

Tonight, weíre going salsa dancing. I emailed Mr. you-told-me-you-have-a-boyfriend-but-Iím-going-to-chase-you-anyway to let him know. That way, if he chooses to show, then heíll see that Iím not making up the whole boyfriend thing (unless he thinks Iím re-enacting that old sit-com plot where I convince some friend or coworker to pretend to be my boyfriend for the night).

Sometime between work and salsa and leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30AM, Iím supposed to get my gear packed and ready, as well as get that very, very important LAST shower before I have to trek through the woods with essentially no running water.

If there happens to be any running water, itíll be ice water, in below freezing temperatures, so I wont be touching it.

I can not wait until Summer, when all the gear Iíll need is a bikini, rash guard and surf board. With the NJ shore water temp and my tendency toward cold, thatíll be what? One week sometime mid-August?

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Friday, Jan. 18, 2008 at 11:33 AM