During the past several months, I'd beginning to feel a lot like a zombie. Now that I've been in the new office for a few days, I'm less zombified.

I think it's because I needed some resistance. No resistance made me soft and slow. This isn't to say that I'm suddenly better. I'm going to require a lot of flushing out of the brain before I can function fully.

Well, I have to admit, things have been rather slow here, but I somehow do feel a little more functional. There was something stifling about the old place. Do you remember the opening scene of Joe Versus The Volcano where everything is all bluish grey and he trudges to work with hundreds of other people to go sit under a flickering fluorescent bulb? It was kind of like that.

It wasn't always like that. It was once a cheery, brightly-lit office building that could inspire anyone to be more cooperate in her lifestyle, but I was moved to a different building and things went downhill from there.

Last night, when I was driving home from Adam's, I put my xm on the love songs station. Because it is xm, it's always the most overplayed songs from the past, or in some cases, not overplayed because no one wanted to hear them the first time around songs. And, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy.

I figure, I'm alone in my car, so I'm allowed to be a little obnoxious. I try to curb it a little bit because I am good friends with many chronically single folks, and the one thing that is worse to a chronically single person than a friend who has fallen in love, is a friend who has fallen in love and is obnoxious about it, right before Valentines Day.

I love my friends, I really do. I would put them all into fantastic romantic relationships, if I could. Even though that means I'll probably talk to them less.

I've never had the desire to listen to love songs before. In all my past relationships, they seemed just as fanciful to me as they would to any single person. I would think, "This guy is singing like he actually cares about this woman. He is obviously a big fat liar. Don't listen to him, Lady! He says that now, but tomorrow he'll be yelling at you over the dishes! Run! Run for the hills!"

I'm better now.

I wouldn't say that my love story is very storybook, but it feels storybook. Therefore, all the other stories don't seem so fanciful, anymore.

This all sounds familiar, so I think I've said it before, but like I said, the brain must be purged.

Adam and I have been talking about moving to Thailand, or China or Costa Rica. I want to go, I really do, but I also own a house. I also have the cats.

There has been discussion about moving the cats. We both own two. That's relocating four cats. It sounds crazy.

Oh, but before meeting him, I was seriously considering moving out of the country, myself. The cats were still a concern, but I thought I could probably move them without too much trouble. It was only two cats, not four, and just me to worry about. It was easier to consider then because I didn't see anything for myself in Philadelphia. In the past, when I've moved, I would just cut ties and leave. This is why I hardly have any physical possessions.

With him, I'm perfectly content with just about everything, so I don't see any big rush to get out of the country. I don't see any rush to build a big nest, either. I am happy the way things are.

There are things he wants to do. He's a writer by trade, and he wants to write what he wants to write, not what other people tell him to write. Who can blame him? I want to do what I want to do, too.

He thinks that'd be easier in another country. The change of perspective certainly couldn't hurt.

Oh, time to go.

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Tuesday, Feb. 05, 2008 at 6:13 PM