I wrote a lot of emails to friends today. Most of them were to recount my trip this past weekend. We went ice hiking and snowshoeing over half-frozen waterfalls. It was absolutely magnificent.

To make it even better, we stayed in a cabin. No jumping out of a sleeping bag, scrambling to get dressed, and shivering while trying to boil some water with numb hands.

The weather was perfect, except for Friday night, when we almost didn't make it to the park. It was snowing heavily, and we had to travel up into the mountains. We made it as far as the ranger's station before requiring rescue. There were a lot of us, 14 total, and it was lucky that one had a truck and the other had chains on his tires.

It was an adventurous time - like, adventurous, for real, not just a bunch of outdoorsy people doing their thing, like usual. I've recounted the story of Friday night many times by now, but rest assured, we skirted disaster most of the evening.

The other thing is that I met someone who owns an art gallery. We got to talking and she offered to hang my drawings, just like that. Is that how it works? They like you and then they want to hang your work?

She is not a total stranger, she's friends with Adam. It seemed so sudden. Maybe he talked me and my work up before I met her.

I'm hoping to visit the gallery this weekend and check the place out.

I'm not sure what any of this means. It's confusing and weird. My biggest fear is that she's only trying to be nice and doesn't genuinely want those drawings on her walls.

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Wednesday, Mar. 05, 2008 at 7:47 AM