It seems that the entire east coast is ravaged with some horrible flu mutation.

Adam was sick, Anthony was sick, I have sick coworkers and sick karate classmates.

This past week, I have indulged in cold, lack of food, and sleep deprivation; sometimes all three at once. My normally iron-clad immune system barely had a chance.

Under usual circumstances, I'm someone who counts the seconds between breakfast and lunch so she can ravage the café next door. Today, I couldn't finish a cup of soup. If I were the type to toss my cookies, they'd be tossed.

I've thrown-up maybe five times my entire life.

The last time being when my gall bladder was so packed with stones, I was incapable of digesting anything further; ten years ago.

The second to the last time was food poisoning; ten years prior.

As someone who is almost always healthy, I feel like my body has been replaced with a sub-standard alien pod. Who said I wanted the economy model?

Also, as someone who is almost always healthy, I trotted (well, more like weaved) off to work, fully expecting to be better within the hour.

The mutation begged to differ. Yes, I've even resorted to calling the virus names.

Man. I can't even imagine what it must be like to deal with chronic physical pain.

I know how stupid and naughty I am to stay here the rest of the day, but at least I brought hand-sanitizer to help cut down the exposure. I've been hiding in my cube, sniffling and looking pale. People have gotten the hint and invisible bio-hazard signs are lining the hall next to my cube.

Three hours to go.

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Thursday, Mar. 06, 2008 at 2:00PM