Wednesday, I got my surfboard. Itís nothing fancy, just plain green. I think I might get some hibiscus flower stickers to decorate it.

For the past few weeks, my job has been beating me to a pulp. During my past ten years or so in corporate America, Iíve been a peon. I kept my mouth shut, I did what I was told to do, and I didnít let stuff that was not my problem worry me.

At this job, Iím not so much a peon anymore. So far, that means I have to think about things that I never bothered myself with before. It also means that my time is too ďvaluableĒ to be spent doing any busywork. I know that most people hate busywork, but I liked to settle down for an hour or two, doing something thoughtless, but necessary, and listen to NPR. Itís relaxing.

Now, I delegate those tasks to other people, and when those people have problems, they come to me.

Anyway, Iíve really felt like Iíve been falling down on the job. Iíve been so busy trying to learn new stuff and make the deliverables (plus, all of my outside-of-work activities), that Iíve missed two meetings and a conference call.

I thought that my boss was probably about to kill me, especially since Iíve only been at this place for three months. Instead, I got lots of praise. My boss came into my cube, yesterday, and told me to go home early.

After work, Adam called. He was completely hysterical because he suspected that his psychotic ex-girlfriend broke into his apartment. She left a note on his door, and when he walked in, he thought that some of his stuff had been moved around.

I donít think the girl would scale the wall up to the forth floor, and I canít imagine that she can walk through walls, but he says I donít understand her level of psychosis and desperation.

When I was talking to him, I couldnít tell which parts were rational and which parts were hysterical. Some of it seemed obviously a product of hysterics, to me. Other parts, I wasnít so sure.

Either way, he was very freaked out, so I collected up my karate stuff and went over there. I think that helped a lot. He seemed calmer and happier once I got there.

The last time he had a run-in with her, that entire night he tossed and turned and shouted in his sleep. I was expecting the same last night, but it seemed that he slept soundly. He got up around 5AM to go to the Jersey shore for coldwater surfing (something that I donít have any intention of doing ever, ever, ever).

I grabbed my karate stuff and came home at that time. I decided to spend the rest of the morning in my own bed, with my own cats.

Today, after my karate and after his surfing, weíll be going up to NYC. We havenít been for awhile and weíre mostly going to see my friends and do my things, but he misses his old town and welcomes the opportunity to traverse those streets. I think so, anyway.

He seemed less keen on the idea yesterday, but after his incident, his tune changed and he was excited to go. Maybe he just wants something to take his mind off of it.

Otherwise, I am talking with some Buddhist monks and priests about doing a week long retreat and taking vows sometime mid-summer. Itís something that I intend to do eventually, but I donít know if it will work out for this summer. I can still practice the same, anyway.

Saturday Saturday Saturday. It's nice to have a slow morning to myself.

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Saturday, Apr. 26, 2008 at 10:22 AM