I’m still alive after leaping from a plane. Actually, I didn’t leap. I climbed out onto the wing, flapped into the wind as I clung to the strut and then let go.

Strangely, I didn’t think much about the skydiving beforehand or afterwards. On the drive up, the others talked about how they’d been thinking about it all week. Skydiving never crossed my mind all week, except to tell people that I was going to go skydiving.

On the way back, they talked and talked about it. I mostly forgot about it once I settled down and had some lunch. Adam and I both avoided eating too much beforehand out of fear that it’d come back up at an inopportune moment. By the time I was back on the ground, I was famished.

I will write up that adventure for the other place. I just have to get my picture gallery figured out before I start making it known.

I had some problems with my car and it had to be towed back to Philly. I know. FUN.

It’s in the shop now, and it looks like it might actually survive this scrape. I am thinking about replacing it soon, though.

We got back to Adam’s apartment around 11PM, and by that time, my nerves were stretched pretty thin. Although, out of all the things that could have gone wrong on Saturday, I’m glad it was the driving part, and not the jumping-out-of-a-plane part.

Sunday went a little better. We went to morning meditation. I was feeling completely drained. I did my best to sit through it and I warned myself about spending too much time feeling sorry for myself. I started feeling a little better.

Adam introduced me to the intricacies of public transportation. We took a train, bus and trolley, to get to the zen center and then back to my house.

Of course, I’ve taken public transportation before, but Philadelphia public transportation is an entity of its own.

We’ve been discussing the possibility of moving in together off and on. I told him that I don’t like clutter, and he said, “Well, I do have some stuff…”

I told him that I knew, I’d seen his stuff, and I couldn’t understand why he has so much furniture…

He interrupted me, “You’re the only person I know who has completely empty rooms.”

That’s the problem with normal people, they know people. Also, I don’t have completely empty rooms.

I said, “I have a desk, a sofa and a bed. What more do I need? I can’t sit on two chairs at once!”

He looked at me strangely and said, “Yeah, yeah, I agree that you don’t need more than that….” An invisible “but..” sort of dangled off of that, but he let it go.

He’s so nice about not making negative judgments about my eccentricities.

As far as his stuff, I guess there’s plenty of room for it, since, as it was pointed out earlier, I have empty rooms.

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Monday, Jun. 09, 2008 at 4:19 PM