Good morning.

During the summer, my employer has been allowing us to work 4 days a week, 10 hours apiece and have three day weekends. Because of client obligations, it worked out for me that I had to take Friday of last week and Monday of next week. Thats a four day weekend, for me.

For a girl who stays chained to her computer at least 10 hours a day, thats a mini-vacation. I was up until 1:30AM Friday morning finishing stuff, just to make sure that I can disappear for 2-business days without any dire consequences.

Yes, Ive become one of those people.

Actually, despite all of that, I am still grasping onto some semblance of my personality. The added stress has really been shaking me up, but Ive been making myself a higher and higher priority. The worse I feel, the more often I say no to people, and spend the time on myself. I will keep doing that until I feel good again.

This weekend, Adam was supposed to be going away, but the trip got cancelled. Id been planning to use the time to rejuvenate. Even though his trip was cancelled, we opted to stay in our own houses, at least part of the weekend, to give ourselves some solitude.

I am a little concerned about the total lack of solitude that will come with him living here. Luckily, hes fairly understanding and does seem to understand the benefit of alone-time. He has trouble grasping that some people need it, though. Its not just a nice thing to do every once in awhile.

To battle this problem, Ive decided to turn my drawing room into a meditation room. Oh, I might keep my drawing stuff in there, but Ill rearrange. I told him that it would also be a yoga room. He said, but what if I want to meditate while youre doing yoga? He said this in complete seriousness, too.

I laughed and told him that hed manage somehow. He manages to meditate in his apartment now, with no dedicated meditation room, after all.

Of course, meditating outside is ideal, especially when the weather is as nice as its been.

Speaking of which, yesterday afternoon, I hiked around in this gorgeous weather for about three hours. I went to the park and discovered some new trails. I found a pretty spot at the foot of a waterfall and meditated there for a few minutes.

There are so many things in my life that subtract from my well-being, and only a few that add to it. Those few hours at the park did me a world of good. It was like Id been suffering from dementia and the park was the pill that cured me.

I didnt want to leave, but for those three hours, Id been hiking at a pretty quick pace. I was getting tired, the sun was going down and I had to visit Whole Foods before going home.

I left around 6PM, and through some work of magic, I hit no traffic driving through the city to Whole Foods and then home.

In a few minutes, Im going to the zen center to meditate. Were skipping Sunday morning services because Anthony will be in town, and were getting together for brunch.

Tomorrow afternoon, my cousin is flying in from Nashville for some job training. I might pick her up from the airport, depending on her training situation. Either way, were going to get together. We were kids together, but as adults, we know nothing about each other. She has two young daughters and seems quite nice.

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Saturday, Jun. 21, 2008 at 8:41 AM