I am relieved that the elections are finally over and elated with the results. I was a little nervous about it, but for the most part, I had a strong feeling. Thatís what kept me from getting too anxious during the past few weeks.

President Obama sounds right. It was echoing in my ears as the name Iíd be hearing over and over again on NPR, following the election. President McCain sounds like a cartoon character that you might see on a McCain potatoes ad. Thatís how I knew.

I have faith that our new commander-in-chief is more than just an eloquent speaker. I do believe that he can actually achieve those high ideals.

I am sure that his administration will not be as divisive as the last one. I see his administration as one where the spirit of cooperation and the ability to listen will be prevalent.

Without those things, weíll never be able to understand each other, never learn compassion for one another, never respect each others beliefs, and it will be endless squabbling, then wars over who owns what and why.

During the concession speech, Adam remarked to me that he felt bad for all the people on the losing side. This is the first time heís ever voted for a winning candidate. So accustomed to being the loser when it comes to elections, he immediately felt bad for the other side.

I noticed something, though. I searched the faces of the McCain crowd. They looked disappointed but no one really looked crushed, except for Palin and maybe a few teenagers. Palin; for obvious reasons. The kids; most likely because they havenít the perspective to realize that losing an election is not the end of the world.

I replied to him, ďBut, look at this crowd. No one is crying! If Obama had lost, people wouldíve been sobbing in the streets!Ē

It made me feel like everyone already knew who is best for our country, right now. Everyone knew, but some people werenít ready to accept it. Maybe they werenít ready to cross party lines, maybe they werenít ready to vote for a black man, but they still knew, and deep down, they knew who was going to win.

So, thatís good.

Besides that, Iíve been feeling extremely stressed out, lately.

Thereís work. I am not going to bother wasting any non-work-time thinking about it.

Iíve been slowly replacing the entirety of my car, one piece at a time. Itís getting to the point where itís absolutely ridiculous.

Sharing my space. OH MY GOD. I canít deal with it. I guess itís got to work out somehow, but I donít know how. I know that in order to be a somewhat reasonable human being, there are things I need to learn to live with. I just canít figure out where the line is between reasonable and unreasonable. His ability to think irrationally in just about every situation is both astounding and frightening.

My body is achy. Injuries, trips to the chiropractor, loss of flexibility. Getting back into training makes me feel like I am falling apart. I am getting stronger. However, just for good measure, I thought Iíd injure my shoulder while climbing the other day.

I enjoy climbing. Itís not challenging enough to really throw myself into it, but it does offer a lot of mini-rewards, as one climbs up one passage or another.

What is reality, anyway?

I got email from my brother. He seems to be doing fairly well in Japan. Heís become quite enthralled with his current girlfriend and is considering moving back to her hometown with her. That happens to be Vancouver.

I wouldnít be terribly against moving to Vancouver, myself. Of course, I am surprised that it ended up this way, but he met her around the time that I met Adam and we are forever locked in this duel reality.

Nicole is about to take her black belt test in karate. Sheís in a different style, and sheís kind enough to let me attend her black belt test for the small fee of putting the whole thing on video. I guess Iíll be cleaning the pictures off my camera and recharging it fully.

Someone has run off with my mind. I have a lot of thoughts that keep spilling out all over. Worse yet, I feel like theyíre just making a mess on the floor. The thoughts trail behind me, leaving a swath of numbers, names, dates, meetings and feelings on the floor.

I guess itís November. My oven doesnít work. It hasnít worked for months. When it was hot, I didnít care. I wouldnít put the oven on unless it was absolutely necessary, but now that it is Fall, and all the squashes are in season, itíd be nice to have an oven.

Also, itís also the time of year to eat baked things, in general. Adam is a vegan and to BUY vegan baked goods is insane. How could it cost so much more to leave things OUT of a recipe?

Iíve made vegan baked goods for much, much less, but the last time was when I discovered my oven stopped working and I had to go to Adamís apartment and bake it. We decided that it was not fiscally responsible to keep the apartment for the luxury of keeping a working oven in it.

Anyway, a working oven would be a nice luxury, but I still have a working stove, and thatís all I really need. I think ovens are probably a lot more important for meat eaters.

Also, I am one of the lucky ones that can still afford to eat in this economic climate, so I canít really complain about a dead oven. Much.

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Friday, Nov. 07, 2008 at 5:52 PM