Iíve been meaning to update, but things keep getting in the way.

First, it was the whole car buying process. I bought a new car. Why now? Well, Iím one of the few people who are still doing fairly well in this economic crises, cars are going for crazy-cheap, and I really, really needed a new car.

Anyway, to sum up, sales people are jerks, Iím savvier than I look and blah, blah, blah, I took them to the cleaners on the deal and also have a crazy low interest rate.

Next thing, I was sent to Boston for work. I flew out during a snowstorm. To sum that one up; torturous flight, death defying drive, work, work, work, made the company eat a change fee so I could take an earlier flight home.

The weather this weekend was nice, but I havenít been getting enough sleep, lately. That makes me cranky, so tonight, sleep is a priority.

I had been feeling quite lethargic for months. I think that was a combination of illnesses, seasonal affective disorder, sleep deprivation, changes in my routine, poor diet and dehydration. When I go off track, I go all out. I donít bother with any of that ďslightly unbalancedĒ stuff.

Slowly, but surely, Iím stabilizing. I think. Whenever I think Iíve finally oriented myself, then I slide down the other side of the ridge.

Iím enjoying the new car quite a bit. Driving it felt awkward, at first, but now that Iím less terrified that someone is going to run into it, Iím much more relaxed. Also, it has this awesomely cool feature where the stereo gets louder as the speed increases (and gets quieter as the speed decreases, obviously. Itíd be pretty weird if it didnít).


Oy, what a day itís been.

Both my home internet connection and two of my work servers have been down for the past several days. It seems that everything computer related hates me, right now.

Yesterday, we tried to go for a hike, but we went somewhere where the weather was colder than expected. The new car smell left us both feeling a little nauseous after the drive.

Last night, we ate made some chocolate covered strawberries and had this conversation:

Me: Strawberries and chocolate are such a great pairing.
Adam: Yeah! Just like us!
(I thought to myself that Adam would be the chocolate and I'd be the strawberries)
Adam: I'd be the chocolate!
Me: I was just thinking that!
Adam: Because women love meÖ
Me: And, because you're so sweet.
Adam: You're sweet, too, just not overly sweet. The exact right amount of sweetness. Yes! That's it! Women love me but can only handle me in small doses!
Me: And me, I'm only slightly sweet, good for your health, and you have to catch me just at the right time, otherwise..
Adam: YES! Exactly! Youíre good for my health but timing is everything!

Soon after, we fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up because I heard a POP and then a long hiss. Groggily, I opened my eyes and Adam was already halfway across the room. He picked up the physio ball that was in the corner, flanked by two very guilty looking cats. He put his finger over a single point on the ball and the hiss stopped. He disappeared into the kitchen for a minute and then came back to replace the ball.

I asked him what he did, and he said me that he put tape over the puncture. I asked him if that would fix it, and he said, ďIt will for now.Ē

He plopped back down on the sofa and asked, ďWhat happened? Did you see what they were doing?Ē

At this point, I was still barely aware of what was happening at that very moment, so I said, ďNoÖ I have no idea. How did you do that? You were up in a flash and you went right to the ball. That was amazing!Ē

If it had been me, the physio ball would have been a rubber puddle on the floor before Iíd be awake enough to have any idea what was happening. It takes me several minutes of grogginess before I can even remember my own name, species, location, etc. when I wake up.

He mumbled, ďThatís me, Mr. Amazing,Ē as he fell back asleep.

Oh, I wouldnít say that every day is peachy keen, but we do ok.

I also went to a retreat last weekend and that helped me a lot. Iíve been paying special attention to my health. Adam is one of those people who happens to be naturally blessed with happy thoughts and a calm mind. So, if anyone is to make waves, itís me. Iím not usually the wave-making type, except that I can be sort of psychologically delicate and will spontaneously capsize if I think there might possibly be a waveÖ No, thatís a fish! No, itís a reflection! FISH! SHARK? WAÖ? ACK! BLURP!

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