With the hubbub around health care reform, lately, Iíd like to note that as much as I joke about losing my job in the aftermath of health care reform, that wouldnít happen. I do something for which there will always be a need, no matter who is running what.

Itís funny, I was planning on being much more detailed about my career, but thought better of it. Itís a little bit of a shame, but we can never be totally honest and detailed in any public sphere without the risk of that information being used against us.

Then it occurred to me that itís been awhile since Iíve deleted entries. Not that it matters that much, but I may as well try somewhat. Then again, thereís so much information out there these days, who has time to sift through it all?

Anyway, this past weekend, we went tubing down the Delaware. We went with my college friend Sharon and her fiancť. We havenít spoken in almost a year and I was surprised that she wanted to come out. Itís a good and healthy outing (with the exception of the sun exposure), so I was happy about that.

All of our other friends with either surfing or at a music fest on Saturday and it seemed like a good opportunity to do something relaxing. I got what I wanted out of the experience. It was sunny and relaxing and I got a veggie burger out of the deal, halfway through.

This trip was supposed to take 3-4 hours, but somehow magically stretched into something closer to 6 hours. Thank God Adam and I both have a decent amount of melanin on hand. Although, I am generally pale looking, my Asian genes really knows how to kick in when necessary. In the sun, Iíll become golden-brown (rather than bright-red).

That being said, the sun is freakiní dangerous. Sharon and her fiancť are badly burnt. I wish I had issued more warnings and had been more diligent about reminding them to put on sun block. They are both pale, and probably put on the same amount that Adam and I put on, but it obviously wasnít enough. They just arenít ďoutdoor peopleĒ and thus wouldnít think as much about it.

Of course, everyone is in danger of being burnt, especially with the higher UV these days, but knowing how badly I could be burnt, Iíve never been so glad to be a brown-ish person. This is a fact that I wasnít happy about when I lived in the northern Midwest, which may as well be called New Scandinavia. Iíve since acquired an appreciation for my coloring, and even more so after this weekend.

I donít necessarily like getting all brown. Skin damage is skin damage, no matter how it looks or how little it hurts. I just canít seem to avoid it. Itís almost as if I just have to think about going outside, and Iíll start sporting a tan.

After the tubing, since we happened to be in NJ, we drove up to the university where Adam went to college. He took me past some of his old apartments and we walked around a small portion of the campus. He relayed funny stories to me about things that happened in various locations. He obviously knew where to find the best food, and he took me to an excellent Turkish place. Afterwards, I had some ice cream that people supposedly line up around the block to have. It was good, but not spectacular.

I had so much fun.

I think thatís something Iíve been craving, lately. I donít mean going to Adamís old university. I think I just wanted to have a lazy day and then hang out somewhere in a casual, yet, interesting place and have some good food.

I still have that excited/nervous feeling that Iíve been having a lot, lately. I think this weekend even intensified it. Also, with LA confirming that I am not crazy made me feelÖ hmmmm, not crazy! Also, slightly more excited because I feel like I can second guess myself slightly less now.

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Monday, Jul. 27, 2009 at 4:40 PM