Iím really looking forward to this weekend. Iím going to rest a lot. Adam is going up north to hang out with his friends and then go backpacking for a few days. This leaves me about a week on my own. Sure, Iíll probably get lonely, but I think Iíll also spend a lot of time basking in the nothingness.

No plans, no agendaís, no outside opinions. I am invited to a pool party and BBQ for Sunday afternoon, and I am half-tempted to cancel, just so I can indulge in myself more.

This past weekend, I was busy all day on Saturday, out late on Saturday night. Sunday, we did a little bit of floor-tile shopping, had dinner out and didnít do much else.

This week, Adam pulled up my basement carpet. Not because heís a naughty boy. Weíre planning to tile. We still havenít decided on a tile design, yet.

While I can accept that it costs a certain amount of money for a 12ĒX12Ē square piece of rock (or ceramic or whatever), I just havenít found anything that I really like. I donít want to lay down a bunch of money for tile that I can merely ďlive with.Ē I want something that I really adore.

Adam visited a new tile store today. He called this afternoon to tell me that they had a good variety and decent prices. Maybe I will find something that I adore, after all? Not that it would be a big deal if I ended up in the land of ďliving with tile.Ē I mean, Iíll obviously live with whatever ends up on my floor, either way. Itís just that if there are a million designs that you think are just so-so, that makes the selection process even harder.

For so many things that I choose, I have a very visceral ďthis is it!Ē gut reaction as soon as I see it. I havenít had that so far, which means I have to bring in color theory and practical issues to make a decision.

Anyway, since heís going away for the week soon, the tile project will be on hold. Iíll just ignore my cement basement floor until then.

I just ordered a backpacking tent online for Adam, as a back-to-school present. I donít know if thereís such a thing as a back-to-school present, but I figure that quitting ones job to start a phd program is a big enough deal to warrant some kind of gift. People get gifts when they graduate school, why not when they start?

Also, early October, Nicole and I are going to meet up with Anthony to attend a concert and stay over at his condo. Maybe weíll get into a few NYC shenanigans, but seeing that neither Nicole nor I drink, and Anthony is a mild drinker, if that, the wildest thing weíll get into are jokes that will be too academic for mixed company.

So, after planning that, my next agenda item is acquiring some real-life, honest-to-God dance shoes. I know, itís a frightening thought, but itís getting to the point where they are needed. Besides, I now own a pair of cleats. If I can spend the money on cleats to protect myself during sports, I can surely spend the money to protect my feet on the dance floor.

Why is it that I own so many special kinds of shoes?

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Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 at 10:43 PM