Earlier this week I wrote an entry full of teeth gnashing over not feeling that Iím attractive anymore. I had the double-whammy of attending a dance class full of 20 year olds in leotards and then Tuesday morning I had a body composition analysis done. Itís a free service my insurance company provided.

I have a lot of commentary on those things, as evidenced by my un-posted entry, but itís both unimportant and destructive for me to focus on something like that. My obsessive personality makes it nearly impossible for me to allow brain space for these things without it completely taking over everything.

So, anyway, dance class. Iím still sore! Iím mostly sore from the sit-ups and push-ups we did at the beginning of class, not from the actual dancing. I could use some sit-ups and push-ups, though.

Actually, Saturday, I did some cardio and then yoga, Sunday I hiked, Monday was dance class, Tuesday was karate, and Wednesday, I lay in the bathtub with an exhausted look on my face. Tonight, Iíll be back to karate. Over the weekend, Iím going snowboarding in Vermont.

It sounds like Iím resurrecting my old lifestyle, but many of these activities were still pretty light. I took it easy with the cardio and yoga on Saturday, just to get used to exercising again. Sunday, we only hiked for a couple of hours, and didnít even go uphill.

The dance class wasnít too strenuous. Karate was a little difficult, but nothing insane.

The dance class is a mix of modern and jazz, with some elements of ballet thrown in. I believe the teacher specializes in ballet (he was in the Nutcracker this year).

I asked Nicole about finding some intro-to-dance resources, so I have a better idea of whatís going on in class. She searched her bookshelves and found a book for me. She is so unbelievably sweet and helpful, itís unbelievable.

I felt awkward in class for no reason whatsoever. I wasnít really looking around too much, but on the occasions that I did, I was holding my own just fine. After class, the teacher complimented me on how quickly I picked up the movements. I told him that I felt the class was really challenging, and he looked pained, as if I was criticizing his teaching style. In actuality, I meant, ďIíve never done this before, and Iím finding it difficult because itís new to me.Ē

Anyway, he seems like a nice enough guy, maybe a little bit sensitive. Oh, and it doesnít hurt that he has a body that you could just die for. Plus, since itís a dance studio, the place is all mirrors, so you canít miss a single angle, especially if youíre looking.

I feel like the class re-energized me a little bit. Itís nice to feel excited about doing something new. Of course, I just about had a nervous breakdown earlier this week because I get nervous when my routine changes, even if I facilitate the change. Such is life as a crazy person.

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Thursday, Feb. 04, 2010 at 4:52 PM