Iím feeling tired and under the weather today. I had a rough start of the week and I think that is probably taking a toll on me.

Iíve decided that Iím done with karate, for now. Iím too burnt out on it to force myself to go back for the rest of this month. I paid my tuition for this month, which, at least alleviates my guilt over leaving my teacher without some expected funds.

I went snowboarding on Sunday. I took a couple of hard falls towards the end of the day, and Monday, I was hurting too much to do anything. I was seriously bummed about having to skip dance class, but my knee was giving me problems. Frankly, I could barely walk, so asking it to dance seemed a bit demanding.

I donít think Iím going to get to go snowboarding again for the rest of the season. Last Sunday, I made the momentous decision to switch to goofy. As a result, I had to go back to struggling to get on and off the lift and generally spending most of my time trying not to hurt myself and others.

Why would I switch to goofy?

Well, Iím someone who is cursed with being two-handed. When trying something new, as with most people, it feels awkward, but it feels equally awkward on both sides. Itís almost impossible to tell which side I would be better with once I figure out how to do something. I often learn things right-handed because the world is set up for right-handed people. With snowboarding, I was beginning to see that I was limited on the regular side. I was hitting a wall, not getting better. Even though I was used to boarding regular, I thought Iíd give goofy a try.

It was awkward all over again, but I can tell that thereís more potential to get better on this side than there was on the other side. The learning curve shouldnít be too bad.

Because of this, I would really like some more opportunities to practice. I guess Iíll just have to wait and see how the rest of the season goes.

I am a little nervous about yoga teacher training. That starts on Saturday. Itís going to be quite the commitment, but Iím happy to be doing something other than karate.

The same goes for dance. I started with my Ballet 101 DVD last night. It wasnít too strenuous, but I have a lot to learn. This is especially true for vocabulary and technique.

For some reason, Iím really happy to be doing something thatís completely new to me. Maybe Iím just bored with karate? I also prefer the anonymity of not being the one who sets the example and not being someone to watch. Itís been especially hard for me this past year, since my training schedule has been much lighter, and consequently, my skill level has gone down-hill.

I could continue to train until I regain my previous skill level, but I donít have the fire and interest to do it. However, I do have the fire and interest to pursue dance.

Oh, and I just love the idea that I donít have to wear a uniform! Dance clothes! Yoga clothes! I can wear different colors and different styles! No more unflattering uniform thatís too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer!

Yoga clothes and dance clothes are fairly interchangeable, too. Iíll be quite happy when I can go do some shopping for them.

Iíve also been working out more on my own. I like being home, alone, with no distractions. I hadnít been doing that much since Adam moved in, and I was really missing it. Iím also looking forward to the weather warming up, so I can go back to doing more hiking alone.

All these new activities are not really helping me with my anxiety, at all. All this new stuff is helping me with my general malaise, though. If I have a little bit of inspiration and excitement in my life, maybe then I can get it together enough to start working on my stress level.

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Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 at 6:40 PM