It’s one of those days where I can’t sit still or think clearly. Ordering Chinese food for lunch didn’t help. It wasn’t very good, and it always makes me feel a bit funny.

Last night, Adam and I finished watching Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. We had started watching earlier in the week, but then the internet crapped out, and we didn’t get back to it until last night.

Adam had never seen it, and he ended up really liking it. After the movie, he criticized Spencer Tracey’s character for ordering everyone into the living room, then making a big speech where he takes all the credit for approving of John and Joanne’s marriage, never mentions how his mind was changed and gives no credit to Mrs. Prentice, who really is the one who changed his mind. As a matter of fact, only mentions her except to say that she’s wrong about something. He goes on to give no credit to his wife for trying to change his mind all day, and then hangs Mr. Prentice out to dry, because he’d originally told him that they were in agreement and gives the opposite view publicly.

I’d have a rosier view of the character, and while he was running through his list of problems with that character, I was throwing in, “Well, maybe… [insert some justification].”

In the end, Adam said, “It’s just like something my dad would do!” I laughed and said, “Yeah, that would be a very [Adam’s family name] thing to do.”

We’ve already well-established that Adam, his father and his sister are just variations of each other. Extroverts to the extreme, take charge in every situation, loud bulldozers. I’ve joked to Adam that it was Napoleon that had an Adam complex (joke stolen from Frasier).

They’re good humored and kind hearted about it. They have loud, combative banter that often ends in enthusiastic declarations of love, accented with hugs and kisses.

He got my point and I said, “It’s interesting that you would find that behavior particularly annoying.” Which, it is interesting. It seems like I’d be the one criticizing the character for being too bossy, stealing the spotlight and then taking all the credit, but instead, I was the one defending him, saying that it settled everything quickly, and the marriage hinged on his decision, anyway. Adam agreed that it was interesting, but not much else was said about that.

Work has been stressful. This morning, I was such a bundle of nervous energy, I could barely get anything done. I’m still feeling that way a bit. Early afternoon, after the Chinese food, I got kinda cranky, too. Tonight I’ll be going to ballet. I’m looking forward to it, but it doesn’t start until 7:30, so I end up skulking around the city for an hour or so, waiting for it to start. I’d rather just go, be done with it, and go home.

If I go consistently for a few weeks, maybe I’ll feel comfortable with going to be “Beginner Ballet” class, rather than the “Intro to Ballet” class. The beginner class is on Sunday afternoons. That’s not exactly the most convenient time, ever, but I think I’d prefer it to late Thursday evening (which is my second most tired weekday).

I could always go home first, then take the train into the city, too.

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Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010 at 4:21 PM