Tonight I am teaching my first yoga class. I've been trying to look at it in various ways. I wrote a nice little blog entry about yoga and meditation.

I'm not overly jittery, but I am a little scared. I'm also a little excited.

The whole thing takes on a tone that seems so much bigger than it is. I think that I've concluded that the reason it seems to be a big deal to me is because today, I make the transition to yoga teacher.

Of course, I'll always be a student, as we'll all always be students, especially within our own crafts. But, after this, I'll be something else, too.

I've got 4 whole students for tonight, now. I hope it doesn't get any bigger than that.

Luckily, I was smart enough to make it free, and also luckily, most American's think in terms of money. They're more concerned about the value of a dollar than the value of an hour. So, I don't have to worry too much about people walking out and feeling ripped off.

Also, let's face it. I'm not that bad of a teacher. At least, I can't imagine that would be the case. Although, I can be so good at creating a fiasco sometimes.

I'm oddly emotional about this. I feel as though this is the beginning of a big journey for me, like, I'm about to go to my junior high graduation. On top of the nervous anxiety, worries about what people will think of my clothes and hair, I'm simultaneously feeling nostalgic and excited for the unknown future ahead.

Very odd, indeed.

I'm wearing grey, loose-fitting, ankle-length yoga pants and a fitted black t-shirt with some ruching. It's about as conservative a yoga outfit there is, and I've had to remind myself about a dozen times today that no one will care, as they'll be too busy doing yoga.

A tank top would've probably been more empowering, though.

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Wednesday, Sept. 08, 2010 at 3:58 PM