It’s beautiful today, so I will finally go back to the park. I could have gone last week, but I was too tired and I opted for my at-home, bad weather workout, instead.

I may go to salsa tomorrow night. I just wish salsa events weren’t always in the middle of the night. I’m not the late-night type, at all. My first private lesson was on Sunday. I was feeling pretty nervous at first, but I think I improved fairly quickly. My teacher gave me an assignment. I have to go out dancing at least once a week between now and salsafest, which is the last weekend in October.

Wednesday nights are not beginner nights, but I don’t think I’ll explode or they’ll throw me out. However, I am pretty nervous about it because I’ve had a few bad experiences on the dance floor. Thinking about them makes me want to scream and run home, hide in my closet and never dance again, but maybe I’m exaggerating these things in my head.

I just spent a couple of weeks in near-meltdown mode because of being so afraid of teaching yoga, and once I get over that fear, the first thing I do is consider salsa nights that are above my skill-level?

I guess I’ll make a dancer out of me, yet.

Yoga class went well, last night. I didn’t prepare for my second class like I had prepared for my first. I was unsure about how things were going to go. I asked Adam if he would come along to be supportive, and he wasn’t sure whether or not he’d take class or not. I told him that he could start it and if it got to be too much, to just stop. He kept going through to the end, and complimented me on my dialogue. I told him that I just made it up on the fly, since I wasn’t prepared for class at all. He was shocked. He said it sounded way too good to have been made up on the fly. All I could say was, “Well, I’ve been doing yoga for a long time.”

Perhaps I’m ready for a class that’s bigger than 2-3 people now. When I went into that class, I was unprepared, uncertain about what would happen, but not nervous.

Oy. My schedule for the next couple of months is insane.

Friday night I’m going to a bridal shower that’s in the-middle-of-nowhere, PA, so no dancing for me, that night.

Last Sunday afternoon, looking over the registry online, I complained to Adam about how impersonal all the gifts seemed. I read them out loud to him, “…ice cream scoop, blender, food-scale (food-scale?!), spatula... I can’t buy my friend something like a spatula as a gift for a bridal shower. It’s too lame. Plus, they both registered for this stuff together. For her bridal shower, she should get gifts that are just for her.”

Adam was engrossed in reading sports news online, and I didn’t turn around to look at him when I said this, but his response was something like, “It’s on the registry…”

“I know! I should get her lingerie. Leather with studs and a whip!”

“Stop it!”

“What? I know she’d like it. I said I wanted to get her something personal.”

“STOP PUTTING THESE IMAGES IN MY HEAD! Get something from the registry!! It wouldn’t be on the registry if they didn’t want it!”

“I can’t buy someone an ice cream scoop for their marriage! It’s too impersonal!”

“Why are they registering for these things? Don’t they live together? Why do they need this stuff?” Suddenly, Adam is actually interested in my dilemma. The complete lack of sense in throwing out all your stuff, just to replace it with new stuff in hopes of that somehow will make up for the fact that you’re dropping 20 grand on a wedding struck him, I guess.

I searched the registry some more, and inspiration struck, “I know the most thoughtful gift, EVER. I’ll give them one of our relationship counseling sessions. What couple, about to be married, doesn’t need that?”

“What kind of message do you think that’d send?”

“That I care.” Ok, I just have to note here that people often think I’m trying to be funny when I’m not. Even though I am not so insane as to actually give this as a gift, I do believe that it’s a great gift idea for an engaged couple. I was not joking.

Thinking that I was joking, he laughed, shook his head, and went back to reading about sports. So, just to get his attention again, I said, “I know what would be PERFECT.”


“I’ll get her a subscription to”

He just shook his head and said, “If you were going to give her that, you should have done it years ago. It’s too late now. Now, like I said before, GET SOMETHING OFF THE REGISTRY!”

Ok, ok. I got something off the registry. The most personal item I could find (remember, it’s for the bridal shower), a pink wii controller.

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Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 at 3:29 PM