Last night, I ruined my streak of sleeping well. For the past several days, Iíve been getting tired early, and sleeping soundly until morning.

I had a lot of anxiety before bed and back I went into bedtime hell.

This morning was one of those days where I got out of bed, still partially sore and injured from working out so much this past week, ate grapefruit, crackers, and cheese for breakfast (a very low calorie breakfast, for me), put on a pair of jeans that had been fitting perfectly for the past few weeks, and found them to be snug.

This past week I went to Zumba twice and did weights twice, but prior to that, my workout schedule was sketchy. Plus, this cold weather has really put me off salads, lately.

So, I already started out today in a bad mood. My anxiety went up after being at work for awhile.

I still plan on recounting Sunday, anyway, because I was happy on Sunday, damn it, and Iím not going to forget about it!

Sunday, Adam got up and out early. He got his reiki level 1 attunement over the weekend, and he was at the training all day.

I figured it was a perfect opportunity for a morning bath before Zumba. Lately, Iíve been experimenting with taking hot baths before doing things, rather than after doing things. It mellows me out and feels so nicely indulgent. And, I am the sort of person who really does need to be mellowed out before leaving the house.

Iím running into the issue of lingering too long in the tub, and ending up having to rush to get to my destination, so that almost cancels out the entire purpose of it. Thatís what happened on Sunday morning.

I like to show up to classes a little bit early, so I can get all signed in, changed and mentally prepared before the class starts. This time, I arrived only a minute or so before, and the front desk was mobbed with new students trying to sign up for that particular Zumba class (I guess Sunday morning is a popular time for this, who knew?).

I tried out my new dance sneakers, and they were perfect. They were exactly what I needed for that class. Unfortunately, I got too enthusiastic, and tweaked my back a bit. I could tell that there was no misalignment, just some strained muscles.

That didnít stop me from going home and doing my strength training or anything, though. Then, doing laundry, going grocery shopping (and lugging around a heavy basket, rather than use a cart), and making a huge pot of lentil soup.

Maybe subconsciously, I knew that Adam would be ready to reiki when he got home, and I wanted to be prepared. And, I was.

The reiki was awesome. I usually reiki myself, or at least, attempt to reiki myself, on a daily basis, but itís so nice to be reikied by someone else. Adam is still in training when it comes to being a nurturer, but heís willing to learn and heís grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years.

Iím looking forward to future at-home reiki shares.

Yesterday, I had work, which was fairly benign, and then I taught my yoga class. I didnít do a great job, but it was ok. I need to start focusing on it more.

It seems that any time I become proficient enough in something to actually become some sort of an authority, I immediately start to lose interest in that thing. Itís almost like my brain says, ďWell, I know all I need to know, letís move on.Ē Unfortunately, thereís not really a market for people who become proficient in activities, and then move onto the next thing, without ever teaching or sharing it with others.

If I continue practicing, that should motivate me enough to want to improve my teaching. I just have to get myself to practice without constantly thinking, ďI need to dance! I need to zumba!! RIGHT NOW! At every opportunity!!Ē

At least I injured myself, which is almost forcing me to go back to yoga (not completely, I do have a dance class tonight).

Besides my back, I also sprained my ankle in some mysterious way. It started hurting yesterday, for no reason at all.

I suspect that I may have hurt it teaching yoga, actually. I demonstrated a couple of poses without being warmed up, and after class, while walking to my car I noticed, ďhey, hurting ankle.Ē

My anxiety is still a little on the high side. Iím hoping that my dance class will alleviate that tonight.

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Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2010 at 3:18 PM