Iíve been hungry a lot this week. I havenít necessarily felt like eating, but my stomach has been constantly sending me signals that itís running low. I think that it must be a sign that my metabolism is really ramping up, but I still havenít seen any physical results of that.

My health insurance company offered to pay us $75 to submit to health screenings. Blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat percentage, etc., etc. Iím still reeling from the last yearís health screening. They told me (I work out several times a week, eat a healthy vegetarian diet and, at my fattest, topped out at a size four) that my body fat percentage was on the high end of acceptable.

Excuse me?

Youíre going to have to pay me a lot more than $75 to go through that horror again.

So, Iím a bit sensitive about it. It was one of those rare times when I received an email and fervently wished that I could reply with, ďYou can take all your fancy body-measuring gear and go expletive yourself with it.Ē

Of course, this prompted a multiple day long discussion between me and Adam about whether or not it was fair to include womenís breasts when it comes to calculating body fat percentage.

I argued that fat is fat, and aesthetically pleasing or not, it still counts in the overall percentage. After all, itís not even possible to exclude that when making the actual calculation. Also, no one gets to choose where their fat goes. It goes where it goes, thatís genetics.

Adam (I think he was terrified that I might actually lose enough weight to lose my breasts) argued that breasts shouldnít count because women are supposed to have breasts.

My body fat tends to collect in that area, and while Iím not hugely busty (because Iím generally not huge), thatís where it goes. Even though some people might be happy about the fact that itís there, that doesnít stop it from showing up as fat in a body fat measuring thingy.

Yesterday I had to miss dance because my car was stuck in the snow. I havenít been able to go to dance in over a month. I have been able to attend zumba regularly, though. Thatís just the way the storms have worked out. Today, I can go to zumba and Iím grateful. Itís a dancey activity and I get my exercise.

Iíll have to miss my usual Sunday zumba class, but thatís because Iím going snowboarding that day, so no complaints about that. Adam is going off to do his annual superbowl thing on that day. If I go snowboarding, I will be sacrificing a full day of blissful at home quiet time, but I canít pass up snowboarding. A handful of my friends are going. Hopefully it wonít be too crowded since it will be the superbowl.

As I scheme about my weekend, after an afternoon snack of string cheese, dried figs and crispbread, I canít help feeling pretty good. Anxiety be damned.

Now, if I could just get my hands on some chocolateÖ

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Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011 at 4:06 PM