Itís been a crazy couple of weeks.

Last week, Adamís car window was smashed and an expensive pair of cleats were stolen from the backseat. A couple of days later, while taking the trash out late at night, before our early morning trash pick up, he had a frightening experience with a couple of really aggressive and angry dogs.

They were apparently roaming our neighborhood late at night. ItĎs a long story, but in conclusion, wearing slippers on an icy sidewalk is not the best option for fleeing wild dogs. He hurt his foot pretty badly.

The next morning, he woke up to an email from his dad. His parents were breaking up again. His parents are two sweet and loving, but passionate, hot-blooded people. They love each other fiercely. Unfortunately, sometimes too fiercely. They are like infatuated teenagers in their relationship, and that kind of relationship is a bumpy one. While itís disheartening to hear about their breaking up, I have the strong feeling that these two are destined to revolve around each other for the rest of their lives. Two white hot suns that are locked in each others gravitational pull, one never strong enough to over power the other.

At the end of the week, a friend called me with some serious personal problems that she needed to get off of her chest. I listened. Later, when I told Adam about it, he said, ďWow, and I thought I had a bad week!Ē

Little did he know.

Monday morning, he woke up with intense nausea. This went on for so long, that he eventually cancelled all his classes for this week. He initially thought it was a side-effect of a medication he just started taking last week. So, he called the doctor, went off the drug and waited to feel better. Four days later, he was still waiting to feel better. Today, he went to the doctor. While the doctor was drawing blood for testing, he passed out.

He didnít tell me about it until hours later, after he was at home, because he didnít want to worry me.

I canít blame him for that. All week, Iíve been slowly becoming a tighter and tighter ball of non-functioning anxiety. Also, I work about 40 minutes outside of the city, and he was in the middle of the city, it would have taken me somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half to get there.

Yesterday, I went to Target to stock up on household supplies. I donít go there very often and when I do go, itís during my lunch break (as it was, yesterday). My debit card was declined. I used my credit card (I own two, for just such occasions), and then I started to worry. Mainly about things like identity theft, catastrophic bank errors, death, destruction, cats and dogs living together, etc.

I called the bank. Frustrated with the phone menu maze that didnít get me anywhere, I sent them email. Hey, the website said Iíd get a response within 24 hours (I know, I know, HAAA HA).

Today, no response, so I took my lunch break to go to a branch. After a long and protracted discussion with the young bank guy, where I gently pointed out to him that his explanations made no sense, he finally researched it enough to see that there was a hold on my account. Some more research revealed that it was there for a totally lame reason that was entirely their fault, and they didnít tell me about it.

Of course, the worst of it was when he called me ďMrs.Ē That is the only point that I had to restrain myself from standing up and yelling, ďExcuse me, Mr. Child In A Neck-Tie, but you work in customer service! That means that it's your job to pretend that I am a full fifteen years younger than I look!! Are you saying that I look old enough to be married?!?! ARE YOU?!Ē

*sigh* financial institutions.

But, anyway, I didnít say that. I did do a little Stuart Smalley kind of pep-talk in the car with myself later and felt better. And yes, if I get that reference, I am clearly old enough to be married, I know.

I knew that there has been a cloud of bad luck floating around the area, or at least, amongst my friends, lately. I was a little concerned about it coming our way, but I guess if this is the worst the universe can throw at us, it isnít so bad.

Valentineís Day was a no-go for us. Too much insanity. We have tentatively planned something for the weekend, but things are still very much up in the air.

When your mate is subsisting on saltines and ginger ale, and using anti-nausea suppositories so he doesnít throw up on youÖ well, that doesnít really put a girl in the romanciní mood.

Me, I havenít exercised since Sunday. I havenít been sleeping well, and lately, Iím just so good at falling apart at the drop of a hat.

By lately, I mean, the last 15 years.

I am starting to feel restless, but I am being hopeful about the weekend.

One of my favorite activities is walking around the city, hanging out, stopping for bites, people watching, and conversing. Itís going to be in the 40s, this weekend; warm enough to do that kind of thing without it feeling like a hypothermic chore. Adam knows this about me, so a couple of days ago, when I was in full-on pout mode about Valentineís Day, he promised me that if he felt well enough, we would do that this weekend.

Then I realized that I have Monday off. Itís Presidentís Day. With a three day weekend, I can justify losing one full day to going to NYC, rather than just spending a few hours in Philadelphia. I can easily convince Adam. I just have to mention the prospect of New York bagels, and New York vegan pizza, and New York soft pretzels (which he still claims are better than Philly soft pretzels, and granted NY has a lot of things that are better than Philly, but pretzels? Come ON.), and the most awesome Indian food, ever.

Of course, that strategy only works if the guy feels like eating, and really, I donít want to drag him around the city if heís not feeling well, anyway.

Thatís the thought that has kept me going today. That, and my kava stress relief tea.

Also, Iím just glad that tomorrow is Friday. Itís been a quiet week work-wise and thatís been a huge favor, too.

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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011 at 11:14 PM