So, after the week where Adam's car window was smashed, cleats stolen, chased by wild dogs, and his parents split up, etc., followed by the week where he was too incapacitated that he could not do anything except sprawl on the couch, and talk to doctors, followed by another week of the same, he's finally starting to feel better. He's eating again, which is a huge improvement.

Which happened just in time for me to get sick, myself. It's just a run-of-the-mill bad cold. At least, I hope that's the case. Today, he bounced up and down the stairs, happy and excited to finally feel better, and delivered his home made soup, saltines, chocolate, water, tea, and advil to me.

I read the second book written by that blogger that I previously mentioned. This one was about her chronic headache. It was appropriate, considering how I am feeling.

As Adam was relieving me of some used dishes and tea cups, he said, "Isn't good timing that you got sick just when I got better? Wouldn't be terrible if you had gotten sick a week ago and I couldn't have done anything for you?"

I replied glumly, "It would have better timing if I hadn't gotten sick, at all."

He said, "That's less about timing and more just about luck. Maybe you could call it "better timing" if Billy (the kid that I believe infected me) got sick a week earlier, so he was over it by the time you saw him, and he never got you sick, at all." Yep. He's back.

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Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 at 10:53 PM