Lately, Iíve been dreading the FB experience. People have the tendency to repeat the same kind of status update over and over, again, and every day, it turns into a predictable and tedious list of the same people saying the same things. Iím not saying that I donít do that, either, or that thereís anything wrong with posting the same kind of status update every day. Iím just getting bored with the cycle.

Maybe itĎs kind of like how a TV show repeats itself, using slightly different versions of the same jokes, slightly different versions of the same plots, and for awhile, we like it. We use that predictability to feel comforted. Even after recognizing the pattern, we can watch a show for a long time, at least, I can. Heck, I can watch the exact same episode or movie repeatedly, dozens of times, because I like the comfort.

For whatever reason, I just havenít felt like dealing with the FB stuff. Maybe Iím just feeling anti-social. Iíve been rather isolated for the past couple of months.

I wonder if itís human nature to be repetitive. Perhaps we are this way because it helps us feel comforted around each other. Itís a nice feeling knowing what to expect from the people in your life. I think thatís why weíre so forgiving of the repetition, as well, even expecting it and desiring it, when it comes to TV and movies.

I know I do. Give me a good formulaic movie any day. Actually, it doesnít even have to be good.

Rain, rain, rain. I had today off. I took today off because we planned on going snowboarding. The day came, and itís pouring rain in the Poconos. Thatís not exactly snowboarding weather.

Given the rainy day off, we decided to visit the Franklin Institute. Weíve both been in Philadelphia long enough that we should have gone, by now. Weíve been to the IMAX theatre, and some special exhibitions, but never to see the permanent displays. It was smaller than I expected and a lot less educational. I had no idea that the place was so geared toward children. Also, I donít know whether today just happened to be a special day, or if every day is like this, but the place was teeming with children. Bus loads of kids were there today.

Adam gets nervous when confronted with the chaos of children in public places.

Thatís unexpected. Usually, Iím the one who gets bothered by hoards of people, chaos, sensory overload, but while my ears do not appreciate the screaming, I kind of enjoy the energy of kids enthusiastically throwing themselves into play. While I can live with that, when a kid starts screaming at a grocery store or in Target, I feel like the parents may as well have come into the store and released a swarm of killer bees. The sound has me climbing the walls.

The other thing is that Adam is the one more open to having kids. I have no desire to procreate. I decided that I would never had kids long before I even reached puberty. I was well aware of the sacrifices that parenthood requires because my parents didnĎt fulfill them. Even around the age of 7 or 8, I knew that was no way to raise a kid.

Iím not exactly sure how I was thinking it, but I was determined to be ok when I grew up. I was determined to get to a place where my needs would be met, and maybe I thought I could never do that, if I was putting someone elseís needs ahead of mine.

The other thing was that my dad had made it clear often enough that we were a burden, and that, in general, having kids was a bad idea. I took that lesson from him. I also spent the first 25 years of my life feeling guilty about my every little need, including the amount of oxygen I used, and yes, I actually tried to breath less.

So, no kids for me.

Adam, who didnít exactly have a fairy tale childhood, but it was way better than mine, still possesses the ability to be optimistic about the sacrifices. Or perhaps thatís just a luxury men have. Throughout history, so little has been expected from men in child rearing, that itís easier for them to have a rosier view.

Anyway, itís nice having a day off in the middle of the week, even with the rain. I was up late last night, reading about chakraís, thinking that would put me to sleep. It didnít. Because of the rain, there was no sun in the morning, which made it possible for me to sleep in until 9, which totally rocked.

This week, Iíve been still working on getting over the illness from last week. I felt bad most of last week. Last Thursday, I went to zumba, despite not feeling totally better, and relapsed. Saturday, I was starting to feel better again, but not fantastic, so I suggested that we go to a conservatory (I wanted to get out, but not do anything too taxing). We looked online and found Longwood Gardens. Orchids are in bloom, and it turned out to be a really nice place. The conservatory part was huge.

Sunday, I was wiped out, again, and had to miss zumba. I managed to get there this past Tuesday, and I wanted to go tonight, but after the Franklin Institute, I was too exhausted. After the museum, we went to a restaurant near Adamís old apartment, where we used to go a lot when we first started dating. Itís middle eastern food. Thereís a kosher deli near there, and we stopped in to get bagels, and I got a black and white cookie.

I had to have a bottle of ginger beer at the restaurant because I got some serious motion sickness in the flight simulator. It lasted for hours (and I definitely was not going to zumba with that stomach). I always forget that simulated motion bothers me so much, since actual motion doesnít bother me, at all, or rarely does. Once video games went 3D, I could no longer play them.

Oh, and earlier today, one of my friends sent me a link to one of those local group coupon sites. Where, if enough are sold, then you get a good deal on something. She wanted to do a girlís day at the spa, and they were selling facials and massages for 50% off. I browsed around the site some more, and found a coupon to get 50% off at a salon, for a haircut. I think Iím ready to move to a new salon. The old place is too out of the way. I think my stylist there is a genius, but heís just too expensive. Their other clientele is all old rich ladies.

Now I have an appointment at the new place for tomorrow evening. Iíve been needing a haircut for a long time now. It seems like Iím always in need of a haircut. My last haircut was around Halloween. I went to a cheap place because I just couldnít stand it, anymore, and I had her cut 5-6 inches off, and now itís all back. I donít like to have it too short, but once it gets too long, taking care of it becomes too much work, and I just canít handle it.

Also, I havenít had it shaped in a long time, and itís starting to look too Morticia-like when itís down. Did I say starting? It has been looking Morticia-like when itís down for awhile now.

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Thursday, Mar. 10, 2011 at 11:55 PM