I bought another facial off of the group coupon site. I never really did determine if the previous facial did anything. After a few weeks, I thought my skin was starting to lose the glow that I thought I had achieved all on my own. Maybe I had, and the change I noticed was just one of those dietary/hydration/lack of sleep things.

I was considering paying full price for a facial, but not going back to the previous place. They were a new spa, and the staff seemed to be a mix of experienced professionals and people who were just a bit too green.

The woman who did my facial knew what she was doing. The guy who did my massage had no clue. I couldnít remember either of their names, as I didnít expect to be back. The space itself was not totally customer-ready, as far as I was concerned.

Anyway, then another deal came up with a different spa. Half price. As I did before, I looked up reviews online before buying. Because the previous place was so new, there were hardly any reviews. This other place has positive reviews and has been in business for at least ten years (which I know because they received a good business award approximately ten years ago). They are tucked in an out-of-they-place, just outside of the city limits, which explains their need to advertise.

When I called and made the appointment, the woman was courteous and professional.

I had previously bought a coupon for a third spa, for laser hair removal, at a ridiculously low price. It was an impulse purchase, and Iíve been regretting it since. I havenít actually gone to redeem the services, but their customer service over the phone has been horrible. Thereís nothing worse than a receptionist who doesnít listen, rushes through the call, and parrots predetermined phrases, which arenít even said correctly because he/she absent-mindedly jumbles the words.

This does not give me high hopes for the spa itself. Also, their scheduling/cancellation policies are downright third reichian, and the coupon is dependent on being fully redeemed (three visits) by a certain date. Iím already mentally preparing to write them bad reviews and report them to the BBB, and I havenít even been there, yet.

Iím not going overboard with the spa services, really. I do have the regular massages, but thatís therapeutic. Iím mostly getting myofacial release to help with the TMJ, which results in neck/jaw/sinus pain, when left untreated.

Other than what Iíve just mentioned here, the only group coupon purchase Iíve made was the coupon I bought for haircut I got during the winter, which I needed to get, anyway, and I saved a bundle compared to going back to my old regular salon.

Anyway, I went to the chiropractor again last night, and the second visit helped tremendously. I think I had let it go for so long, it took me a couple of visits to feel better. Also, I wanted to get Adam in there because I was sure that he needed it more than me. He really did, and hopefully now heís on the road to getting better.

Heís still learning about taking care of oneís own body after a certain age.

This morning, my neck and back are finally feeling supple after months of feeling tight and immobile. While noticing this, I caught myself feeling good. I donít mean that I was just having a moment of pleasure, I mean, I started getting that old glimmer of gratitude back. Rather than merely feeling pain-free, I felt satisfied and content.

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Thursday, Jun. 16, 2011 at 2:08 PM