I found a baby bird in the house. Iím not sure how he got in. He was hopping around inside the encasement for my bathroom radiator. I put him outside on the front deck. He was doing plenty of chirping, so Iím going to assume that his mother heard him and rescued him.

I havenít slept well. I think the heat has been affecting my sleep more than I realized before this weekend. On Friday night, I slept downstairs on a cot because my bedroom hasnít been cooling off enough at night. Being bothered by the heat is a new thing, for me, but the heat index has been in the 100ís.

Yesterday, we went to see Midnight in Paris because what else can you do, but go to the movies, when the weather is like this? I had wanted to see it a few weeks ago, but Iíd been out voted. When we decided to see a movie, yesterday, I initially checked the big blockbusters and didnít see one that appealed to me. So, I went back to the website for the small/independent movies. Adam had heard good things about Midnight in Paris, so he was willing to go this time.

He ended up enjoying it more than I did. Not that I didnít enjoy it. I liked it, but considering that I had also heard many good things about it, I ended up being disappointed. One thing that irked me, and I donít know if it was just the way it was filmed, or what, but why is it that the Paris cobblestone streets look like theyíre in such good shape? The cobblestones appeared totally straight and neat. The cobblestone streets in Philadelphia are so crooked and stones have become so uneven, that a person can barely walk across them without breaking an ankle.

Before the movie, we had gone into the city about an hour and a half too early, and walked a few blocks to sit in a coffee shop. I read while Adam studied French. Neither of us were able to drink anything hot. He had a root beer, I had a ginger ale that had pieces of ginger floating in it. It was so very gingery. Luckily, I love ginger.

(It just started pouring rain and there are some kids dancing around in it, and playing in the park across the street from my house. So cute.)

Anyway, after the movie, we walked about 5 blocks to get Moroccan food, and then had to walk around 7 blocks to get back to the car.

Those short stints outside almost killed me. My God. I donít know if it was the heat, or the poor air quality, but geez, I donít think Iíve ever experienced anything like that before. It sucked out all my energy. A short walk has never been so strenuous.

Other than that, it was a lovely day.

The rain sounds wonderful, right now. The air conditioner is off, but my windows are still closed, so itís staying cool in here. Adam is out with a friend. There is no sound in the house, except for the rain.

After yesterday, I definitely think that parasols should come back on the market. I know that one could use an umbrella for the same purpose. Itís basically the same thing, except parasols can be smaller and less cumbersome, so a person wouldnít have to knock other people off the sidewalk or poke their eyes out, to get some personal shade. That would be especially important if everyone wanted to carry a parasol.

Letís face it. Itís going to get hotter, the sun is going to get stronger. Itís time to give up on tanning and looking sun-kissed, and to do something rational, like buy parasols. Maybe that should be my ad campaign.

So far, I havenít spent a lot of time outdoors this summer, and Iíve been very good about applying sun block, when I have. Iíve been able to stay relatively untanned and freckle free this summer.

I did go to my first laser hair removal appointment, though. The place turned out to be quite nice and the people quite friendly. Iím having my underarms done. Surprisingly, it didnít hurt, at all, even in such a tender area.

Laser hair removal has gotten a lot cheaper, lately, and I got a huge discount on three treatments. It should make my life easier with all the dancing and zumba that I do.

Back when I practiced karate, my uniforms were long-sleeved, and oh god, did I hate them. They were cold in the winter, hot in the summer, heavy and uncomfortable all year round.

Now that I donít work out with a dress code, I want to wear sleeveless tops, especially in this crazy heat.

Anyway, in other news, Iíve been mostly feeling isolated and lonely, but at the same time, I donít feel like being around people. Spending most of the day alone is helping me feel better in that regard.

I just upgraded my diary land account to super gold. I thought Iíd give it a try for a year, just to see if itís worth it, to me. I mainly just wanted to add a comments section.

Iíve been enjoying not having a comments section. Without comments, I donít have to be disappointed when no one comments, nor do I have to be concerned that I might get an undesirable comment. I think itís time to break out of that, though.

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Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011 at 9:07 PM