Todayís lunch is pasta salad with fresh avocado, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil. I love working from home. I wouldnít love it if I worked from home every day. Iím more of a homebody now than Iíve ever been, but Iím still not much of one.

Yesterday, I forgot that the reason I mentioned my feelings of vulnerability was to connect it with my desire to be extra fit. Hard muscles have been my way to shield myself from all the stuff that scares me in this world.

Itís more important to appear strong than it is to actually be strong. Itís all an illusion. Just like how a frightened cat puffs up his hair, to make himself look big.

Because of that, last night, I went to zumba. I was way too tired, but I havenít been there in over a week. It was torture. Iím in a tired phase, right now. I go through energetic phases and tired phases. I should have heeded the phase, but instead I went.

Tonight, Iím going climbing with Nicole. I am worried that I might run out of gas, but the only real concern is that Iíll run out of gas while Iím belaying. I donít really care if I fall. Being a good climber is not one of my lifetime goals. However, not dropping my friend, and not allowing her to plunge to her death IS one of my lifetime goals. So, if I feel like thatís a possibility, Iíll have no choice but to cancel.

Sheís been itching to go since last week. Her and New Boyfriend (NB) are going climbing over Labor Day weekend, and she wants to get some practice in beforehand. To me, this speaks volumes.

She is still concerned about appearing to be a sufficient climber in front of NB. At least thatís my perception. You know, because being a world class salsa competitor, black belt in karate, high jump record holder, MENSA member and newsletter contributor, and gorgeous, is really not intimidating enough for this poor guy.

Despite all that, I know that she does not like to show weakness in any realm, so weíre going to the climbing gym to ďtrainĒ for the weekend.

So, yesterday, when I was contemplating going to zumba and salsa, I checked out my underarms to determine my wardrobe. Summertime sleeves in zumba is not my thing, but there are so many salsa moves which seem to feature the womanís armpits. This whole dancing thing is a lot more about appearance than makes me comfortable. You know, itís a good thing that I did karate before dance because Iíd be seriously messed up, right now. Iíd probably have, like, three eating disorders, and a plastic surgeon on speed dial.

Anyway, I only found a couple of tiny sprouts there. When I first went in for the laser hair treatment, they told me that I would ďsee resultsĒ after three treatments, and it would take six treatments for all the hair to be gone. Itís been two, and it seems like itís almost entirely gone.

For a split second, I had the ridiculous thought that I needed to call the medspa and let them know that my hair is not growing backÖ because, that seems kind of serious, right? But, then I realized, duh, that was the point. I just wasnít expecting it to happen, just like that.

Strange, but hilarious.

Adam and I started reading The Hunger Games out loud. We do that occasionally, but only with short, easy reading kinds of books. Adam is not a fiction reader, but if weíre reading it together, heíll get into it. I am a pretty good judge of what will appeal to him, too. Iím like his media filter. I donít mind re-reading books, or re-watching movies. As a matter of fact, itís almost my preference. Ideally, Iíd like to consume everything at least twice, but I donít have that kind of time. Besides, there are plenty of things that Iíve read or watched where once was more than enough. When I come across something that I know heíll like, Iíll suggest that we watch it or read it together.

When I watch a movie based on a novel, Iíve usually read the novel. On some occasions, Iíll make it a point to read the novel before the movie comes out. Sometimes, I only watch the movie because Iíve read the novel, and I want to see how they adapted the story.

Because Adam is not a fan of literary fiction, but he is a fan of movies, he hasnít really been able to understand why 1) I would take the time to read the book when there is a movie out, and 2) Why I usually think the book is better.

So, with The Hunger Games movie coming out, and it being a story that would grab him, I thought this is the perfect opportunity for him to really appreciate the difference between reading a novel and watching a movie. Maybe, he will finally understand what Iím talking about, or maybe heíll say, ďWe could have just watched the movie!Ē

We could have done that with Eat, Pray, Love because we read that one together, too, but thatís not a novel. Plus, the movie was such a bad adaptation, that I didnít even think it was worth him watching it.

Weíre about halfway through now, but heís been putting off reading more because itís getting rather intense, and heís finding it overwhelming.

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