Iím going climbing again tonight with Nicole. As you can probably surmise from that, I didnít drop her to death last week.

She and the new boyfriend are finished. They broke up over the weekend. It seems a little inconsistent, given that last week, she was saying how well things were going between them. I wasnít very surprised, though, because being infatuated with a man is not really ďher.Ē

She said something about how they were getting a little too swept up in the whole thing; that it was getting a bit too romantic. They were even writing each other love poetry (I know! The horror! You never think itĎll happen to someone you know.)

As you can tell, she was pretty vague. She didnĎt go into detail about why falling for one another is a bad thing, but I have a pretty good idea. Having real feelings for someone is scary, scary stuff. I practically had an aneurism when I got together with Adam.

Iím unsure about whether or not she wants to talk about it. Some people like to give themselves some time and space before talking about that stuff, so Iíll just let her take the lead on that.

Over the weekend, I got a taste of some role reversal. Adam was out of town, and I was home alone. I knew I couldnít call her because she had a big weekend planned with the boyfriend. Ah. So thatís what it feels like to be alone when your good friend has a man in her life. Since my late teens, Iíve almost always been the friend with the man in her life, while my other friends remained single. When I was single, I was the single woman with single friends. That doesnít sound very exciting, but I think itís probably the most stable lifestyle any woman can have (in some cases, the most fulfilling).

Speaking of which, I decided to postpone my womenís hike. Iím organizing a hike for anyone who wants to come. I changed my mind because when I was at the potluck on Sunday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She and her boyfriend just bought a house together, and theyíve spent the summer trying to consolidate, and sell their old houses. Their new house is huge, by the way. It could easily fit two households, but they have complications. The roof started leaking 3 months after they moved in.

Anyway, because theyíve been so busy with the house stuff, they havenít had a chance to go anywhere all summer. I suggested the long weekend hike, and I initially said that it would be for women only. She said sheíd be glad to come, but didnít know what sheíd do with her boyfriend for the weekend. After the summer theyíve had, how could I make him stay home alone?

Itís going to be in the gunks, in early October. The leaves will be perfect.

Iíll try to get the womenís hike together for November.

I donít know why I suddenly have energy for organizing anything, but I am grateful for it. Maybe itís a combination of exercise and trying to keep my stress level down. Maybe itís the refreshing fall weather.

This time of year is beautiful. I canít wait for our hiking trip next month.

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Wednesday, Sept. 07, 2011 at 5:57 PM