Itís only day two, and Iím already seeing how difficult this little project is going to be. I donít think of myself as being a glass half-empty kind of person, but Iím honestly skeptical that I will have three positive things to mention on a daily basis.

This goes to show how warped my thinking actually is. Three is such a small number. I donít live in a concentration camp, and even then, I bet a really optimistic person could find three positive things to say on a daily basis.

Thatís the point of the exercise, right? My brain doesnít immediately leap to positive thoughts, so why not force it to use those synapses? Like challenged muscles, I should get better at it.

So, time to quit the whining and startÖ

Number 1
Iím so grateful that itís Friday, and that the last two days of this work week have been relaxed. It gives me the opportunity to sit and think about how I can improve my life. Like, how can I make it so I never have to come here, again? Hmmmmm.

Number 2
I bought a lip moisturizer called Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. The creamy, oily, greasiness is feels soooooooo good and satisfying. I love the smell, too. For most of my life, lip dryness has been a problem. It feels like a tragedy if I have to go anywhere without lip protection. This winter, my lip dryness somehow managed to get so bad that, not only do I need to have constant access to moisturizers, but now they have to be serious, no nonsense, moisturizers, that could make an alligatorís lips feel soft and kissable. Now, I have stocked up, and Iím good.

Number 3
Last night, an old high school friend contacted me. At first, he just asked if he could link to me on linked in. I wasnít sure if it was one of those form type emails that people send to everyone theyíve ever known, in their entire lives, in order to expand their network. After I responded, he immediately replied in a friendly, inquisitive manner, truly wanting to know how Iím doing. Heís since come out of the closet, and seems to be living a life that would be worthy of any, ďIt Gets Better,Ē video.

Number 4
I downloaded When You Are Engulfed In Flames in audiobook format, yesterday. I own the paper copy. I read it once, years ago, when it first came out. While I like reading David Sedarisí writing, I love hearing him read it, even more. Not so much because I think itís funny. Iíd been a David Sedaris fan for years, before he was famous. It took me by surprise when people would say he was "hilarious" or refer to him as a humorist. For years, I thought he was a realist, and I could relate to him. So, when I listen to his voice, I donít laugh (well, I occasionally chuckle), I feel more like Iím listening to my interesting, off-beat friend recount his day. I used to have a lot of interesting, off-beat friends before I went all mainstream.

I like being mainstream. Youíll notice that most off the strange and off-beat people of teen and young-adult years tend to be the movers and shakers of the middle-years.

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Friday, Feb. 10, 2012 at 1:33 PM