Number 1
Went to Zumba today and got a nice exercise high, and Iím looking forward to my post-exercise low. This is when I get really tired and relaxed and fall asleep. I wouldnít necessarily call it a restful sleep, but more like a non-restless sleep. I donít wake up feeling like Iíve been through a wringer. Iím starting to feel really good, psychologically, too, when Iím either dancing or doing Zumba. I feel more confident, less self-conscious, and more alive.

Number 2
Skyped with my reiki master who is currently working in Africa. She questioned me a lot about what Iíve been doing energetically, my career change, and me becoming a reiki master. She said we will start the process around mid-March, when she gets back. She didnít just come up with it out of the blue. I inquired about it. Weíre both excited about the what the future holds.

Number 3
I cleaned my bathroom, yesterday. On the day I clean my bathroom, I tend to not be especially satisfied with the result or the work I had to put into it. The next day, the work is no longer fresh in my mind, and itís a pleasant surprise when I walk into the bathroom and find it clean. Itís like a gift to my future self. I had a nice shower after returning to Zumba, enjoying the bright white enamel, and gleaming fixtures.

Number 4
After watching lots of Say Yes to the Dress, I still have no interesting in buying a gown of my own. However, it has inspired me to want a sewing machine and to learn how to sew. Iíd love to be able to design and create clothes. Iíd like to think that my desire to turn everything into a creative activity is an indication of something good.

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Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 at 4:36 PM