I am grateful that SYTTD did not make me salivate for a gown. I actually cautioned myself against it, and decided that if I started thinking that way, Iíd stop watching.

If I really, truly wanted a wedding dress, though, Iíd get my hands on one, somehow. It wouldnít be a super-expensive couture gown. My potential sister-in-law went to FIT and can sew and won design awards and stuff, so Iíd probably consult her.

If I wanted the experience of trying on dresses, Iíd make an appointment and tell them that Iím getting married next year. If I bought one and had no occasion for wearing for it, Iíd invent one.

Iím not saying thatís how everyone should go about things, but thatís just the way I am.

I canít do traditional, anyway. No princess, fairy tale, anything, for me. Iím too spikey, for that. Spikey, as in, my rough edges will never be fully worn down, so thereís really no fitting me, anywhere. Itís not that I donít want it, sometimes. I just know that itís extremely unlikely that it will ever be me. I have to be ok with that, because wellÖ whatís the alternative?

I wouldnít say that things are necessarily coming together, now, than any other time. It might seem like it is, but this is just the nature of the exercise.

Iím focusing on the positive and dismissing the negative. So, while it sounds like Iím floating through life, three inches off the ground with a big, silly smile on my face, this is just me doing what Iíve set out to do.

Actually, I was in a pretty crappy mood, yesterday, which is why I just got out my positive things and didnít say much else.

Ok, so, anywayÖ

Number 1
Adam is taking his French reading proficiency test, right now. If all goes well, heíll be done with one of his required languages to finish his degree. If nothing else, at least heíll stop studying French non-stop, for a while.

Number 2
I actually got around to responding to the dean at the school where Iím hoping to start taking classes. I had sent an email inquiring about several things and got a nice, long response. For some reason, it took me awhile to even read the email, and once I did, it never occurred to me to respondÖ and oh, I donít know, say thank you because itís clear she took a lot of time with her response. So, I finally did that. Better late than never, I guess.

Number 3
Iím going to the dentist today. I hate going to the dentist. However, when I think about what my life would be like without modern dentistry, Iím grateful that I have access to dental care, and the means to pay for it.

Number 4
I was getting worried that Adam was going to let Valentineís Day pass without acknowledgement. He did that last year, and I threw a fit that just about brought the house down (I told you that I was spikey). Any normal man would be terrified of the consequences of doing the same, this year.

But, like I said before, we are two unicornís living under the same roof, and while that sounds all perfect and magical, it doesnít always work out that way. We both think (delusion or not) that weíre highly coveted and expect lots of treatment thatís worthy of the highly coveted. The coveting needs to go both ways or else thereís hell to pay.

Adam told me this morning that he is planning to take me to a fancy vegan restaurant tomorrow night. He didnít tell me because he wanted it to be a surprise. I told him that I donít like surprises. I like to be able look forward to something, in advance. So, we got that all straightened out.

He also told me that he forgot to make reservations, so Iím not sure that weíre actually going. Honestly, I donít care. Heís extremely forgetful, and regularly forgets things that one would think that no normal person could forget, so I donít take it personally (anymore). We can go Friday or any other day (see above about tradition and needing everything to be perfect). For me, it really is the thought that counts.

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Monday, Feb. 13, 2012 at 1:38 PM