I donít really want to do this positive thoughts exercise today, but I am capable of doing it, so Iíll suck it up.

A kitten that my ex-husband and I had adopted many moons ago passed away last night. He was old and cranky and had cancer, so it was no big shock. My ex told me, prefacing it with, ďIíd hate to tell you this while youíre at work, butÖĒ Thatís how he prefaces all of his bad news because he has a knack for giving me bad news while Iím at work. Funny how, ďIím sorry for doing XĒ never makes it into the, ďIím going to stop doing X,Ē category.

Which brings me to:

Number 1:
Anytime my ex does something insensitive or annoying, I always get comfort by remembering that heís not my problem, anymore. Heís someone elseís problem now, and if that doesnít fill me with enough gratitude to make me want to turn cartwheels, I donít know what will.

Number 2:
Adam passed his French proficiency exam. This means that heís fulfilled half of his language requirement for his PHD. He hates language study more than anything, and Iím sure he couldnít be happier to pass this milestone.

Number 3:
Since Adam was unable to make a reservation on Valentineís Day, he made reservations for tonight. After I found out about the cat, I sent him a text asking him to cancel the reservation, but I didnít give the reason. Within 30 seconds, he called me to ask if everything is ok. I told him that I couldnít talk about it at the moment. Without me prompting him, he told me that he would meet me at home, as soon as possible, and made sure I knew exactly when to expect him. He knows that there's no greater comfort to me than to know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it.

He has different hours every day, and it changes every semester. I donít keep track, so I never know when heís going to be home.

Iím sure heíll ask me all about it, let me cry on his shoulder and pamper me until I canít stand it, anymore. The above mentioned ex? If there was acknowledgment, at all, he would have texted back, ďOKĒ and then never mention it, again, or ask me why.

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Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012 at 4:27 PM