Number 1
I found out that Monday is a holiday and my office is closed. A three day weekend is much needed, right now. I had plans to climb and salsa dance on Friday night, but I canceled. The only thing on my schedule this weekend is a meeting with Adam to go over our budget and my application materials for attending the subtle energy school. Iím excited about this.

Number 2
Yes, we make appointments with each other. It may sound silly, but we find it to be incredibly useful. Practically speaking, fewer things get overlooked. This alleviates a lot of anxiety, for me. Itís the whole growing up without any parental structure thing. Iím constantly living in fear of being carried off in the wind because some crucial box was left unchecked.

Personally speaking, it helps us get a better sense of satisfaction and balance in the relationship. Itís less likely that either one of us will look back and think, ďHey! We hardly ever do what I want to do, anymore. My priorities are being forgotten!Ē So, when weíre both feeling good and balanced and emotionally prepared for some real life planning, we sit down and make a schedule that accommodates both of our needs and desires. We get to do everything we want, and as often as we want.

Number 3
Iíve been feeling like an emotional wreck, lately. Usually, when Iím feeling down, the first thing I do is hit junk food, and I hit it hard. Today, I went to Whole Foods to pick up lunch. In their hot foods bar, they had a huge trough of delectable looking pasta and cheese dish (it was mac and cheese, but not made with mac). It was all gooey and warm with brown, crusty cheese edges. I thought to myself, ďIf there is a time that I should be allowed to indulge, this would be it.Ē

I couldnít do it, though. It wasnít because I donít think Iím entitled to it, or because Iím sticking to any pre-determined diet, it was because I thought about how a dose of high-carb, high-fat food would make me feel after it was over.

Also, since giving up dairy, cheese just doesnít do it for me, anymore. I read somewhere that cheese actually has some addictive properties, which makes it especially hard to give up. I donít know if I believe that or not, but looking back at my cheese eating days, I definitely feel like I was under some kind of spell. Was it a dairy addiction? I guess anything is possible.

By, ďhow it would make me feel,Ē I donít mean on an emotional level. Food-guilt is lost on me. I know that sounds weird coming from someone who is practically a vegan, but really. I know that given my dietary choices, I could get really self-righteous about it, but Iím too honest for that. Certain foods are just repugnant to me. Itís as if a normal person turned down human eye-ball stew, after he noticed it staring up at him, and then tried to act as if the only thing stopping him was his virtue and self-discipline.

Anyway, by ďhow it would make me feel,Ē I meant physically. I generally avoid carb heavy lunches on work days because by 3PM, Iíll be falling asleep at my desk. High fat foods tend to unsettle my stomach. Junk food doesnít propel me like I need to be propelled, anymore. Maybe itís an age thing. Maybe that was always the case, and itís a self-awareness thing. All I know is that my eating has been improving in a totally natural and comfortable away.

Iím not giving up chocolate, though. Thatís just talking crazy (I switched to vegan chocolate, for most of the time).

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Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012 at 1:04 PM