Number 1
Nicoleís blog entry about going back to high jumping.

In case you canít tell, Iím very, very proud to call this woman my friend.

Itís not just because sheís incredibly talented, but because I know that talent is only one ingredient in a recipe for success. Being able to add talent to the mix is like being able to add cinnamon to a cake recipe. Yes, it does give it that little extra something, but more than anything, you need flour, and some kind of binding agent. Those things come in the form of determination and hard work.

Number 2
This article. I know itís a small step, but itís a step. Every revolutionary change must begin with a small, insignificant seeming, step.

This is how I see it:
Our culture has grown to the point where we so blindly worship beauty and money, that anyone who has these either of those things is automatically denied compassion.

I can understand hating the rich, if you believe they got their money by cheating or unfairly taxing the poor. Hating a beautiful woman is like hating a lottery winner. Yes, it affords her things, but in the end, sheís really not all that different from the average person.

I guess most people figure, they have one of the two most coveted things in the world; therefore, they have nothing to complain about. And, yes, that includes not being allowed to complain about being called fat and/or stupid, as part of your job.

When there was all that press about Giseleís comment on the superbowl, Adam mentioned it to me, and made some sarcastic remark about how commentary like that is just typical of a spoiled supermodel. I shot back hard, on that one. Once again, I opened his eyes to the harmfulness of snap judgments, especially about someone you donít know.

Why would you call someone who is categorized as one of the best at her job, spoiled? Sheís a beautiful woman, right? Of course all of her success can be attributed to her beauty, and nothing else.

No. You donít become the best at anything, especially in a crazy-competitive field, like that, without working your butt off.

So, anyway, I know thatís not exactly THE most positive commentary, but being nasty and cruel to a woman because youíre jealous of her looks? Thatís another one of those issues that just pushes my buttons.

Number 3
I went to the bank today and ordered a new debit card. My old one had been deactivated because someone stole the number. Luckily, the bank caught it before any money was spent.

I was supposed to have my new card, by now, but some oversight caused it to not be ordered. I could have called, but I am not a big fan of the phone. I hate automated systems. I think itís because I crave a connection with the person Iím doing business with. Being face-to-face makes me feel so much more comfortableÖ in any conversation, really. So, I went to the branch. Itís kind of a pain, but still less painful than making the call.

The task had been weighing on my mind as an annoying, but necessary to-do, during the past couple of days. I felt really, really good after it was done. Itís strange how something so small can give someone a huge sense of achievement.

I also got sort of a chuckle because the woman interrogated me about my account, as I'd gone there and asked to withdraw every penny, and she was sure I was really the identity thief. I just wanted a card sent to my home. The one listed on my account. I didnít even want any information or money.

In the end, she asked me, ďWhat is the approximate balance on your checking account?Ē with this weird, bug-eyed look on her face.

Ah. I forgot that upon first glance, most people think Iím a college or just-out-of-college student, who doesnít have a penny to her name. Also, I forgot that, right now, I have an insane amount of money in my checking account.

Donít get all jealous, now. Itís not mine. My brother wired me some money because, according to him, the banks in Turkey still rely on abacuses and carrier pigeons. His bank couldnít figure out how to wire money to the small American credit union that he uses, which is barely out of abacus and carrier pigeon territory, itself. So, he sent it to my large institute of banking, so I could launder wire the money onto his account. Because Iím not allowed to transfer large amounts of money without being charged money, Iíve been sending it one small bit at a time.

I thought it was funny.

Also, Iím really starting to wonder why more people donít teach abroad? Thereís some serious cash in that.

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