Number 1
Some seriously bad stuff that was wreaking havoc on LA’s life has played itself out. Since her ex left, she’s been making huge strides in finding herself, healing herself, and doing the same for her family. She’s been doing tons of heavy lifting to sort through a mess that seemed unsortable. Now, finally… FINALLY! It is paying off. There was a big financial breakthrough, recently, but that’s not the only pay off she’s been getting. She shares her house with two well-adjusted guys, who adore her. This is large part due to her putting in the effort to make it work. Now, it’s finally working.

I’m optimistic that things are going to be much more relaxed and happy at her house, from now on.

Number 2
Another “finally,” Adam is getting a sleep study done tonight. We’ve never been able to sleep in the same bed because he snores and flops around like a fish on a deck. When he’s had an especially stressful day, he screams and runs in his sleep. The part about keeping me awake is easily addressed, and neither of us mind the solution. We have different sleep schedules. He likes to stay up late working or watching TV. I like to go to bed earlier and have pitch-black and dead silence. His poor sleep concerns me, though. That can’t be restful. So, he’s finally heeding my advice to get a sleep study done. Hopefully it will be fruitful.

Number 3
My reiki teacher is on her way home. She had a 24 hour layover in Istanbul today, so I connected her with my brother. With the time difference, and her traveling, I haven’t had a chance to find out whether or not they were able to work anything out. It feels good knowing that I was able to connect them, and if things truly go fubar in Istanbul, she won’t be on her own. Things did go fubar for her in Nairobi, and you know how those things can snowball. Also, if they do connect, I’m pretty excited about the possibility of the two of them meeting.

Number 4
I just watched a video on Happy Herbivore about how to wash your face with baking soda. Lately, I've been all about cheap, environmentally friendly alternatives to regular stuff. I looked it up online and found some other resources warning that it can be very drying. I believe HH has mentioned having oily skin (like myself), so I could potentially give it a try. But, you know what? Every winter my skin is a little dryer than the previous winter. This is a trend that I was digging for awhile, but it's starting to be overkill. Ok, epidermis, I get it, we're aging.

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Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 at 1:19 PM