Number 1
I actually contacted the office of the lady who originally did my mortgage. Luckily, sheĎs still around. I dealt with her only once, ten years ago. I wouldnít even recognize her if I saw her. For some reason, doing business with someone that Iíve done successful business with is always more appealing than seeking out a totally new person.

I know, it sounds like a miniscule step, but I need to take this in miniscule steps. There are two things that I feel like I absolutely canít do, right now. The first is to stay in my job, the second is to take my money out of my house. Too bad I have to choose between the two. I know that this makes little sense. It might help to know that I canít bring myself to compromise on my career goals, either.

I sound nervous because I am nervous, but I do feel good that I actually took the first tiny step. Standing around in limbo is doing nothing for me.

Number 2
We went to sitting meditation last night. We tend to meditate at home, and have gotten out of the habit of going to sit with a group. Last nightís sit means that weíve gone two weeks in a row, and we saw that attendance has grown considerably since I was a regular there.

Number 3
I spent a couple of hours on healing tonight. Iíd let my healing go by the wayside, again, and I started suffering the consequences. I hate having to spend so much time on myself, but I just have to keep reminding myself that Iím going through a tough transition, right now. Iím glad that I made it a priority.

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Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 at 11:04 PM