Number 1
I received some bad news last night regarding the home equity stuff. Basically, I donít have enough home equity because my house hasnít appreciated much, at all, in the past ten years. I kinda thought that might be the case, but I had to give it a try, anyway.

It still felt pretty devastating. I tend to fall apart easily when I run into these kinds of roadblocks. The positive thing is that I only mildly fell apart, and while Iím not exactly happy about it, I did not completely fall apart.

Nicole is still feeling down, and a long-term back problem has flared up, again. When I heard, I invited her out to dinner as soon as it was practically possible. I was remembering what I had learned about extroverts, and how difficult it is for an extrovert to be left alone. The majority of her interaction with others comes from physical activities. When that is out, what is left for her?

Weíre going to meet tonight. Iím not canceling on her, and itís not out of obligation. I truly do want to go out and be with my friend. I donít need to scamper off to a dark cave and sulk.

Number 2
I tried using baking soda as a facial cleanser last night. Itís merely ok as a cleanser. It seems to work pretty decently as an exfoliator, though. It didnít dry my skin out. Itís even milder than some of my usual cleansers. I forgot that I use stuff that could de-slick an oil rig, and it wouldnít be suitable for any normal personís skin. I was impressed with my open-mindedness. Iím normally a cautious, risk-adverse person, and playing around with my skin care routine was one thing that I would never ever do. Now Iím slapping baking ingredients on just to see whatíll happen? Wow, Iíve grown courageous.

Number 3
A favorite musician of mine, Charlotte Martin has come out with a new CD. I got an email because Iím a member of her fan club.

If you go to her site and see her pictures, believe it or not, sheís actually prettier in real life. I know that hardly seems possible, but she is a former beauty queen.

About a decade ago, I met her for the first time. Back then, I had a fundamental distrust of anyone beautiful. I thought there was a direct relationship between prettiness and meanness. All that mean-girl stuff from junior high and high school can deeply scar a person, let me tell you. Her sweetness and humility completely changed that, for me. I was finally able to stop running away from pretty people and because of that, able to find friends that were true kindred spirits.

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Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 at 1:33 PM