I guess weíre not going to have winter this year? I love spring as much as the next guy, but itís certainly strange to completely miss a season.

Last week, I had another dream that seemed like it was either telepathic or a premonition dream. Again, I woke up concerned about the person featured in my dream, but this time, itís someone that Iím not comfortable approaching on this subject. I decided to let it go, and not worry too much about it. At the risk of sounding a little too flaky, Iím going to say that if the universe intended for me to do anything about it, I would have done something about it.

Also, Iím still a baby bird with no feathers when it comes to healing and acting on my premonitions on the behalf of others. Oh, Iíll act on them if itís only going to affect me, but I will not intrude in other peopleís lives.

Actually, Iím feeling a little conflicted, now, because of that. When we were down at Adamís parentís house last, the negative feelings were quite palpable. I was feeling a lot of pain and resentment from his mother (about his father), and a lot of anxiety and feelings of low self-worth from his father (in general).

Of course, his father acts like the most confident person on Earth, which was throwing everyone else off, and sabotaging his close relationships.

Before, Iíd only ever seen them when they were doing well, but I also knew their history. Theyíve split up and gotten back together more than I can count.

This current reconciliation was one of their longer and stronger ones, but when I was down there, it was very clear to me that they were heading toward splitsville, again. Adamís mom knew. It was pulsating out of her every time her husband was mentioned or he entered the room. His father was less informed. On a conscious level, he definitely didnít know, but I donít know how his subconscious could have missed it. I really donít know how anyone could have missed it.

When they talked about long term plans, I nodded and smiled and added the appropriate commentary.

After we left, I gave Adam a detailed assessment of what I thought was going on in the emotional life of every one of his family members (including the dog). He told me that he felt that the house had a lot tension and was unhappy, but he couldnít identify the exact reasons. I gave him the reasons, but I left out the part where I didnít think his parents would be together much longer.

He arrived at that conclusion on his own, though. He was afraid for his dad. He was worried that sheíd leave after his retirement, when heíd need her income. I didnít promise that theyíd stay together, but I tried to reassure him that it could be fixed.

I didnít want him to get involved or to stir things up, so I tried to convince him that things would be fine. I wanted his mom to be able to leave on her own terms, in her own way, and not have things stirred up before she was ready. I wanted her to have a clean get-away.

She has so much pain in her past, so much self-denial, so much time spent serving others to her own detriment. She was finally learning to take charge of her life and take care of herself. I didnít want husband and son trying to guilt trip her into putting their needs first. It wouldnít have worked, anyway, and would have just caused more hurt feelings and bad blood.

So, I am conflicted. If I had it to do all over again, I would do the same thing. I think protecting her trumps everything else, but dishonesty never really jives with me. As my awareness becomes more and more acute, Iím starting to realize knowing some things can really complicate life.

Although, I think Stevie Wonder could have probably seen this one coming.

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Monday, Mar. 12, 2012 at 5:57 PM