It looks like my gold membership for diaryland ran out. I was only keeping it because I wanted to have comments on my entries. I think I am finally going to leave diaryland. Of course, Iíll continue to link to my new place as long as Iím able. It just doesnít make any sense to me to pour money into something thatís beyond a sinking ship. Itís sunk. Only the tip of the mast is poking out of the water here. Andrew, I would feel sorry for you if I believed that you actually existed.

Anyway, back to my life.

Iíve been seeing an acupuncturist to help improve my energy level. When I started doing regular reiki work, my energy level plummeted. I was pouring out the goods to my clients, but doing it all wrong. Rather than channeling, I was giving mine away, which is not sustainable. After my first treatment at the acupuncturist, I felt different. During the following week, I felt more energetic, but still a bit run-down.

I had a second appointment yesterday. He did moxibustion on me, which I liked quite a bit. The heat was intense, but oddly comforting. Afterwards, I felt dazed and then exhausted when I got home. I slept for a few hours in the afternoon, and then went to bed at my usual time and slept soundly all night.

This morning, I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in months.

During the past few months, Iíve been doing a lot of strength training, but very little cardio. It seems like Iíve been putting on a lot of muscle. I have no objective way to measure this, but my muscles feel firmer to me, and I believe that Iím generally looking much more toned. However, I donít think Iíve lost any fat.

Iíve complained to Adam about this from time to time, and his response has been to tell me to increase my cardio. I guess that would be from zero to some. Normally, I like cardio a lot, and Iíve spoken about my love of Zumba before. Since my energy level dropped, I just havenít felt like it.

It was Thursday night when I trained with Adam a little bit for Ultimate. This is finals weekend for his club tournament, and he wanted to practice. We did a few agility drills and some interval training. It was intensive-ish, but it still fell short of a workout, for me. The fact that I was willing to even do that little bit shows that my energy level was improving. This was after doing reiki all morning, too.

Anyway, back to this morning. I woke up refreshed and my energy level was much higher than it had been in a while. I decided to revisit the couch-to-5K training program. Iíve never done it, but Iíve always liked the idea of it. Iím a terrible runner, and Iím an especially bad long distance runner. Iíve always wanted to improve in this area. So, I downloaded an mp3 made by a guy named Robert, who recorded himself coaching the program. I put it on my ipod and I went off to a nearby park.

There are two parks within walking distance of my house. Well, theyíre not so much parks as softball/soccer fields, but theyíre usable. At least thatís true in the morning before too many people come out. The down side is that itís boring as hell running around a soccer field, plus thereís pollution, dog walkers, other recreational athletes and gawkers.

There are the trails where I used to run, but Iíve become too paranoid to run there, anymore. Well, itís more that a couple of rapes were reported and all of the women stopped running there. I went back a few times afterwards, but itís disconcerting for me to run there and never ever see another woman running alone on the trails. Talk about making oneself a target. Not only that, but a friend of mine who fought in Iraq actually said to me, ďOh, I never go on those trails alone. Itís far too risky.Ē Ooookay.

Thereís another park with trails that is safer, but thatís a 45 minute drive from me.

So, anyway, given the limitation on my options, I donít know how long Iíll keep this up. It should also be noted that I have no intention of ever running a 5K. Itís more just something for me to do that mixes up my usual routine.

The program itself seems to be fitting of my current fitness level. Since itís actually called ďcouch-to-5K,Ē I thought it might be too easy. The first couple of intervals, I felt like I could have run longer and my intensity was pretty high. Around the third and fourth intervals, I started thinking, ďOk, this sucks.Ē Around the fifth or sixth interval, sweat started running into my eyes, and I realized that Iíd forgotten my sweatband, dammit. I think it was around the eighth interval when I started contemplating cutting my training short, but then Robert said, ďYouíre almost done!Ē I spent the next couple of intervals trying to figure out whether or not he was lying about being almost done, and it turns out that he wasnít.

Also, during this time, I found my form. I noticed it when I was interval training with Adam on Thursday. When I was a kid, I had been a decent runner, even pretty fast (Iím built like a spider, long limbs and a tiny round torso). As an adult, my form has been inefficient and it always felt awkward. Thursday, while running sprints with Adam, the human beingís natural ability to run decently came back to me. Afterwards, Adam commented, ďWow, youíve gotten so fast!Ē Iím sure my power hasnít increased, at all, I just somehow figured out how to run right.

Anyway, today, for my last interval, I sprinted the first forty seconds of the remaining sixty seconds because he told me to give it my all. The last twenty secondsÖ well, never mind.

In the end, I felt worked out but not over-extended. I think the humidity increased the challenge of it, but at least it wasnít hot.

Itís a new thing, too, and if thereís one thing I like, itís a new thing to do. I also did get a slight endorphin rush somewhere in there, but the newness of the program distracted me from it.

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