LA - 2012-05-11 16:17:12
Funny, I've always been the opposite. Because I was never wanted that's all I could think about, that please, please let someone want me! I about killed myself to be thought 'necessary' and all it did was make people arrogant and assume they could take without giving back. Taking care of myself would have felt selfish and scary, I only existed if I were caring for others. Now you're carefully edging into letting Adam in and I'm finally accepting that it's okay to want things for myself and that I do NOT have to run the list of making sure everyone else in the world is absolutely taken care of before I do for myself. Neglect and rejection made you self-sufficient to the extreme and it turned me into needy begging mush. Definitely an argument for Nature over Nurture. Or in our case, non-nurture. Odd, eh? Hope you two have a grand time at the wedding! ~LA

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