I slept for a solid, much needed, ten hours.

I woke up a bit stiff, but good, over all. My nose is a little sore from getting smacked in the face with my surfboard at one point. Luckily, it didnt leave a mark. Id hate to have to explain to my friends that their favorite karate practitioner bruised her face while surfing.

By the time I reached the end of yesterdays entry, Id already forgotten about my wetsuit. I got it out this morning before it was warm outside, so it was fine. I rinsed it off and was surprised to find that its still in great shape, considering what it has been through. My dive bag is beginning to look like its seen a little too much action, though.

This morning, I finished watching the second bourne movie, so Id be caught up for the third.

My new friend, Nicole, told me to rent Blue Crush. I am not usually a movie renting type, but I guess that movie wasnt considered good enough to bootleg and put on the net, so I may have no choice.

This year, Im doing very well with finding friends that are more like me. Ive had such a terrible time socializing with women throughout most of my life. Meditation must be working because Im beginning to impress myself by getting over previous biases that only ever held me back in the past.

I only know Nicole from surfing, and were planning to go again at the end of the month (I hope, I hope). Yesterday, she surfed her heart out, getting just as pounded by the waves as I was.

She told me that she felt really good surfing with me because it was great that there was another woman willing to keep getting back into the rough water.

When we got into my car, she saw a pair of mittens sitting in the backseat and asked, Why do you have mittens in your car? Were you climbing a mountain? I laughed and told her that they were just left there from winter.

She responded, Dont laugh, considering everything youre into, I wouldnt have been the least bit surprised if you had said, Yes, Nicole, when Im not surfing, diving, hiking or practicing karate, I climb mountains in my spare time. I took it as a compliment; maybe shes just as impressed with me as I am with her.

Shes about my age. She practices shotokan. Were the same rank, well, about as same as you can get when you compare the two different styles.

With her muscular supermodel body and naturally even toned glowing skin, she looks like shes stepped off the cover of a health and fitness magazine. In the past, Id have been terrified of someone like that.

At one point, she mentioned having been five foot nine inches by the time she was thirteen. I asked her if she had ever considered modeling. She thanked me for the compliment and said that she had been asked, but she didnt want to teach little girls that they were supposed to look like her. At that moment, I became a Nicole fan.

Personally, Id have taken the models paycheck, but I admire that kind of integrity.

Im still tired. I think Ill skip tonights lecture at the first sangha. The one where I am a board member.

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Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007 at 5:34 PM